ai technology revolutionizing commercial floor care
Whiz ai technology revolutionizing commercial floor care

*This page is dedicated for the services provided in APAC region.
(excluding Japan and Taiwan)

Maximum Cleaning Efficiency
with Cutting-Edge AI

Changing Professional Cleaning with Breakthrough
AI Navigation Technology

  • Easy Set-Up,
    Easy Use
  • Smart AI Cleaning
  • Outstanding
    Cleaning Efficiency
  • Simple Controls

Simple to Use. Simple Setup.
Teach a cleaning route and press the start button.
It’s that simple.

1. Create a route
2. Moves Autonomously
Along the Cleaning Path

Whiz detects and avoids obstacles,
responding to environmental changes.

Multiple sensors detect obstacles, stairs, and human movement.Whiz avoids objects or stops until the route clears.

Access and clean narrow spaces,
even along hallway wall edges.
Detects Obstacle
Detects Movement

Small, but powerful.
Covers an area up to 1,500㎡ on a single charge.

Continuous operation up to three hours, covering an area up to 1,500㎡.
Use extra batteries to clean even larger areas.High-precision sensors allow cleaning along wall edges.

Clean an area the size of two tennis courts in just one hour!

Easy control through Whiz Connect.
Check status from anywhere.

Use the Whiz connect app to control multiple units easily.Receive alerts of emergency stops or blocked units via pager or app.

Notification Pager
Control multiple units via app or PC


Main Unit Dimensions(Handle Recessed) 455mm x 474mm x 653mm(Width, Length, Height)
Weight(Excluding Battery) 30kg
Coverage * 500m²/hour
Continuous Operation * Approximately 3 hours(Normal mode)/1.5 hours(Max Power Mode)
Speed 1.8km/h max.
Cleaning Capacity 4.0L(Paper Bag)
Battery 5kg lithium ion; 23.7 Ah, 25.2V
Charging Time 4 hours
Battery Charger Capacity 100-240V AC
Rated Output 29.4V/8A x 2
Safety Features Obstacle detection, fall prevention(LIDAR sensor, 3D camera),
impact detection(sensor-installed bumper), anomaly detection
(Cliff sensors, wheel contact sensors, emergency brake function)
Alert functions Notification Pager(attaches to main unit)and smartphone app
Accessories Battery, Battery charger, Notification pager, HEPA filter, Paper bag, Brush

* May differ according to usage environment.

1. Uses the BrainOS autonomous-driving AI. SoftBank Robotics is the exclusive license distributor for BrainOS in Japan.
2. Whiz is a trademark of SoftBank Robotics.
3. BrainOS is a trademark of Brain Corp.
4. Specifications and/or design details may change without prior notice.


Home Location Code
Paper Bag
HEPA Filter


Q.How can I buy Whiz?
A.Please send us an inquiry from this e-mail link.
Q.What is BrainOS?
A.Brain OS is an autonomous driving technology used in Whiz.Brain Corp. is a company invested by SoftBank Vision Fund.
Q.How does Whiz memorize cleaning routes?
A.First, place a home location code on a wall. This will be the start and end point of the cleaning route. Then read that code and teach Whiz manually to create a cleaning route.At the end of the route, read the home location code again and the route will be created and stored in Whiz.
Q.Can I operate Whiz on floors that have slopes or steps?
A.During the autonomous cleaning mode, please refrain from using Whiz in places where there are steps or slopes. However, it can be used in those areas with manual mode.
Q.Can I operate Whiz where it is exposed to direct daylight or in the dark?
A.Strong beams of light may cause Whiz to detect obstacles incorrectly. To avoid that, blinds or roll curtains and others would be effective.
Q.Can I adjust the vacuum suction power when cleaning?
A.By switching the vacuum suction power from normal mode to power mode (and vice versa) while teaching the route, it allows to follow that setting during the autonomous cleaning.
Q.Are there items that Whiz cannot vacuum?
A.Some objects cannot be vacuumed depending on their size and weight. Please avoid liquid/wet objects, large amounts of sand/powder, long strings, sharp objects (e.g. glass, cutlery, metal pieces, etc.), and impervious objects. Otherwise it will cause malfunction of Whiz.
Q.What type of brushes are there?
A.Only 1. (as of May 1st, 2019)
Q.Is there an air purification function?
A.Whiz does not have any air purification function, but has 2 HEPA filters that allows it to emit clean air.
Q.Is it possible to use a commercially available paper bag?
A.No, it is not possible. Please use the paper bags dedicated for Whiz.
Q.Can I operate Whiz in outdoor environments?
A.Whiz can be operated indoors only. Please refrain from using Whiz outside.