Customer’s personal information

SoftBank Robotics Group Corp. (“SBRG”) recognizes the importance of establishing a management system in order to handle personal information. SBRG establishes policies as below and strive to protect personal information.

1.Compliance with laws

SBRG complies with laws concerning handling of personal information, guidelines set by the government and other related rules.

2.Handling of personal information

SBRG uses or jointly uses personal information to achieve purposes of use as below. SBRG never acquires personal information by deceit or other improper means.

1) Purpose of use of personal information

  • 1. Application for any events held by SBRG
  • 2. Information on products and services of SBRG and other companies
  • 3. Marketing analysis for sales activities
  • 4. Analysis for service development or improvement and lifestyle proposal
  • 5. Proper response for opinion, request and inquiry
  • 6. Other necessary operations to provide our services and associated services

Target information

  • 1. Name, gender ,birth date, address, phone number, email address
  • 2. Information provided by questionnaire
  • 3. What can identify an individual such as a face photograph, voice
  • 4. Information such as browser type, os, computing platform obtained when accessed websites and history of browsing and service usage
  • 5. IP address, mobile device information used to access
  • 6. Location information from a mobile device
  • 7. Contents of opinion, request and inquiry
  • 8. Other information obtained as needed for the provision of services

SBRG clarifies the purpose of use and obtains prior consent from customers whenever using the relevant personal information for any purpose other than those above mentioned.

Modification of the purpose of use

When SBRG modifies the purpose of use, SBRG does not change the purpose of use beyond the scope which is reasonably considered that the purpose of use after the change is duly related to that before the change.

2) Joint use

SBRG may use personal information jointly as follows.

  • a. Entities jointly using information with SoftBank
    • 1. Our group companies
    • 2. SoftBank Corp.
    • 3. Companies sponsoring the events held by SBRG.
  • b. Purpose of use
    • Same as “Purpose of use of personal information” above
  • c. Joint use item
    • Same as “Target information” above
  • d. Chief administrator of joint use
    • Chief Information Security Officer of SBRG

3. Safety control measures

SBRG Implements necessary and appropriate measures to administer access to personal data, limit taking-out of personal data and prevent unauthorized access from outside with intent to prevent personal data from being leaked, lost or damaged and safely control personal data.

4. Management of employees

SBRG oversees all employees and outsoursing agents to ensure that they handle personal information appropriately and implement safety control measures.

5. Disclosure, suspension of use of personal information and other inquiryies on personal information

SBRG promptly takes care of any requests of “Disclosure”, “Correction”, “Deletion”, “Suspension of use”, opinion and other inquiries in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

For any question or request relating to

personal information, please contact us as follows.