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The Retail Performance Company (rpc) is a consulting company that assists companies with sales-related issues. With expertise in Consulting, Design, Training, Coaching, HR Services, and Data Analytics, rpc provides their customers with holistic solutions to support them on their journey to a customer-oriented transformation. Their focus is on creating inspiring customer experiences to establish a long-term and value-adding relationship between brands and end customers.
rpc is a joint venture established in 2013 by the BMW Group and h&z Management Consultancy and has offices in nine countries.


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rpc is providing both customized and ready-to-use solutions. Their solutions can be deployed in following industries:


rpc is offering generic CMS-based solutions with the possibility to integrate customers’ own apps. They provide state of the art data analytics, chatbot integration and multiple entertainment methods. rpc is setting up specific applications for you with a strong focus on your business. Their experience and know-how help you to find the right solution as they are focusing on setting up new standards in consulting.

Within the retail sector, rpc focuses on an end to end approach for their customers. This means that Pepper is used for the entire customer journey: from attracting to purchasing and strengthening the bond to the customers with loyalty measurements. Furthermore, Pepper is used to generate leads, collect feedback, entertain the customers and analyse data based on the customers' interests.

For the hospitality and travel sector, rpc offers solutions to guide travelers through diverse services, city attractions and public transport. Pepper also analyses data time to enhance and personalize the customer experience.

rpc supports its client in providing training material and information on both the corporate academy and its training activities and schedule.

Technology & Expertise

CMS - Providing a CMS as a base system helps customers to easily interact with Pepper and even launch customized applications. The idea of a CMS not just includes working with the tablet screen, but interacting with Pepper through voice as well. Accessibly through a cloud service, you’re able to set up​ projects worldwide by simply pushing a button.

Chatbot - Integrating chatbots (such as IBM Watson) into the interaction with Pepper enables a huge variety of conversation: it is possible to analyse customers’ needs and provide specific solutions and products based on chatbot data analytics.

Data analytics - By collecting data such as age, gender or mood rpc is able to physically shape the retail environment and enriches the customer journey and experience for their clients.

QR code/Barcode scanning - Reaching out to the end customer and their mobile devices by using QR codes or barcode scanning helps our customers to take action to next level. Whether it’s lead generation or check-in.


  • Carrefour, Daily interaction 150X per robot 
  • BMW Group, Reference: ahg, biggest BMW dealer in Germany,
  • City Stralsund
  • BMW North America,
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry Germany

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