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YASYT Robotics is a company that was born in July 2018 with the aim of developing social robotics programs in healthcare and hospital settings to improve the quality of services offered to users, as well as complementing the tasks performed by health professionals.


The Helderly project, (humanizing elderly), aims to improve the quality of life of the elderly in geriatric centres through Pepper who will perform functions of accompaniment and cognitive and psychomotor stimulation.
A long-term relationship is established between humans and robots that will allow, in each interaction, to personalize all the robot's actions.
The robot evaluates each user continuously and establishes the most appropriate planning for each person.
The concerned sector is:





Technologie & Expertise

Cognitive computing / Face reco / Emotion reco / Image reco / Eye tracking – User face recognition is done with dlib and OpenCV and neural networks. Pepper recognizes the emotional state of a person it speaks to and will adjust the dialogue accordingly.

Data analytics – Yasyt collects the data provided by Helderly software to sessions evaluation and planning. We also use the global information to create statistics and trends.

Navigation – Yasyt uses the navigation skill to let Pepper move around the different places where she works. It finds its way autonomously and stops to interact with people.

Proactive engagement – This enables a better long-term relationship human/robot in order to perform daily routines adapted to each user.

Real-time data processing/Decision making (rule based, ML, DL or other) – Obtaining data from each interaction and feeding it to evaluation and planification algorithms.

Robot animation editor – The need of psychomotor stimulation, for elder people, requires us to create new animations in order to make them possible to perform.


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