Rapid Education

United Kingdom

Preferred Partner - NAO Preferred Partner - Pepper
Bringing STEAM to life for students, teachers, and parents through the supply of transformational educational products. Using NAO and Pepper to give exciting real-world applications for science, maths, and computing.


As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of educational products for primary & secondary schools, vocational education colleges and universities, Rapid Education is working with SoftBank Robotics Europe affiliated companies to provide combined solutions for educators’ needs.



Technology & Expertise

Demonstrations – Showcasing NAO & Pepper at trade shows and events.

Continuous professional development – Training for teachers on NAO & Pepper’s software, behaviour, and applications.

Technical support – Ongoing technical product support for customers on Softbank robots and software.

School engagement days – Taking NAO and Pepper into schools to give students that magical experience of interaction with a humanoid robot.

Staff training – Keeping key engagement employees updated with Choregraphe software.

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