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Robotopi develops and deploys professional applications for collaborative robots. By placing the UX user experience at the center of our concerns, we make the relationship with the machines natural and intuitive. Robotopi is a subsidiary of Conserto group, specialized in advices and numerique services. Our knowledge enables us to imagine a new communication channel between the robot and the user, perfectly integrated into the information system. We help you to choose the right robot and develop the software that will create value for your users to the healthcare market, retail and on-mesure for your business.
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Conserto provides both ready-to-use and fully customised solution. Their solutions can be deployed in following industries:


Ready-to-use solutions:


Developed by medical teams and engineers, Medi’Pep performs 24/7 health check-ups for users.
Medi’Pep is designed with a very natural user experience interface, including automatic detection, facial recognition, automated personal settings, custom dialogues, phonetic name pronounciation, integrated voice control, visual tutorials, and operates with auxilliary equipments (screen, printer, ...).

Medi’Pep provides medical teams with a user-friendly and highly customizable management system including emergency and vital parameters settings, report printing, vetting of clients, automated reports and emergency calls, information circuit management and client logs.

The information collected complements and improves clients’ health monitoring by the medical team while ensuring clients’ safety and autonomy. The robot performs repetitive and basic health monitoring checks, providing the medical team with the time and the relevant data to engage with clients.

Medi’Pep is a plug-and-play device, with easy settings, web portal control and remote updates. It is available in 12 languages.

Medi’Pep is specifically suited for retirement and nursing homes, condominiums, medical offices, hospitals and medical wastelands. Medi’Pep is a game changer for medical teams and clients.

MonVisiteur (Welcome)

We have specially designed MonVisiteur to make hosting in a company a unique and totally new experience. Thanks to a resolutely innovative technological solution, each visitor can make an appointment from our Internet portal and as soon as he arrives in the lobby, a robot PEPPER will identify him in less than a second.

The notification system that we have imagined allows to inform the visitor in real time of the acceptance of his appointment and to alert the person of the company that his appointment is there. The solution interfaces perfectly with the security and protection systems in place to unlock an airlock or turnstile as soon as the visitor has been identified. While waiting for the visitor, the robot PEPPER can present him with personalized information so that the wait is a most enjoyable moment.


NAO, the robot avatar, is the link between home, school and these young long-term patients. The avatar robot takes the place of the child in the classroom, which allows the child to be "present" in real time and participate "live" in class. But the use of the robot avatar is not limited only to the classroom. The Samsung smartphone that serves as a screen is removable. It is therefore possible to take him and involve the patient in outings and school trips. In the same way, thanks to a tablet, the family is connected to the hospitalized child. This may be especially important during evenings, when young patients often find themselves alone. The schools also benefit from this project: on the one hand they will receive training before all others and schoolmates will be able to take the responsibility to use the robot avatar to assist.

The attractive physique of the robot is in agreement with the project: the children are very sensitive to NAO and, for them, he is a true living being. This is a good thing for sick children who are upgraded by the use of the robot. AvatarKids, an application developed by Avatarion in Switzerland, is distributed in France by the Healthcare partner CONSERTO.

Technology & Expertise

Chatbot - Short Talks / Integration with Tensorflow: when the basic pattern matching dialog is unable to give an appropriate answer to the user, the robot calls the TensorFlow API.

Click to mail/SMS - When collecting data: we collect e-mail and send feedback to the user - In healthcare: during a self-evaluation, pepper sends alerts to doctors in the event of an anomaly.

Cognitive computing/Face reco/Emotion reco/Image reco/Eye tracking, etc. - We have developed our own face detection algorithm based on OpenCV. We are currently working on the optimisation of the integrated reco API (fine setup).

Data Analytics - The robot collects data; the analysis is done by the backend.

IT system integration - We always imagine the robot as a part of an IT System like any other connected device. We already have integrated pepper with classic web backends, real-time systems (IoT), Cloud.

IoT - PoS machine/Beacons/RFID/NFC/Wearable devices - In healthcare we connect Pepper with self-evaluation iots (blood pressure, termometer, etc.) and with real-time raspberry-based devices.

Navigation - We are currently working on a POC.

QR code/ Barcode scanning – Personal pass scanning during events.


  • Paris & University Hosipal of ANGERS

  • Clinic BS Languedoc

  • Iridis OM - ALBI

  • General Hospital of Creteil

  • Catholique institue of Lille

  • SPIN'R - MEDIPEP Paris

  • Lilly Laboratory

  • Elior Services

  • EDF

  • Societe Generale

  • Klepierre

  • Easyprog

  • University Hospital Of Paris NECKER


  • Klépierre

    Pepper x Klépierre

    A major player in continental Europe’s retail property market with shopping centers in 57 cities and 16 countries, Klépierre attracts more than 1.1 billion visitors annually.

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