The A-Labs gather the research teams of SoftBank Robotics. Their main mission is to provide applied and fundamental advances in scientific domains related to our strategy and goals, from mechatronics to artificial intelligence. The A-Labs work in strong connection with the development teams of SoftBank Robotics in both directions: the scientific innovations coming from the research are transferred to the development teams and the technological limitations encountered by the development teams feed the roadmap of the A-Labs.

The A-Labs consist of two teams:

  • The AI Lab dedicated to developmental robotics
  • The Advanced Mechatronics Lab based in Nantes & Paris focused on the design of innovative hands

AI Lab

The AI Lab is a fundamental research lab focusing on developmental robotics, autonomous learning and language acquisition. We take inspiration from developmental psychology to scaffold layers of skills and world conceptualizations into the robot, starting from a very limited set of core drives. Our vision is that robots should become capable to learn grounded meaning from interacting with the world and interacting with people, dynamically and gradually acquiring concepts, language and social conventions.

Advanced Mechatronics Lab

Based in Nantes and Paris, this team is expected to design the hands of the future robots of SoftBank Robotics. For humanoid robots the hand is a very important interface with objects and with people. The hand can grasp objects, touch people and be expressive. To fulfill the various requirements of these functions, the classical actuation and sensor systems lead to very complex and expensive hands. The Advanced Mechatronics Lab will investigate novel technologies to develop an expressive and dexterous hand at affordable price.