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Special Offer for Academics

In our endeavour to advance the humanoid robotics ecosystem in your academic institution, we are offering an exciting exchange and rental offers for NAO and Pepper.

Exhange Offer Nao Education

  Rent Nao And Pepper SoftBank Robotics Europe

NAO Exchange Offer

Exchange a used NAO for the latest version NAO6 for a discount of €1000 euros and take advantage of the following new features.

  • Perfect for use in Primary, Secondary, Higher, and Special education.

  • Improved robustness, advanced computing power, increased audio & visual capabilities, and better connectivity.

  • Advanced visual & intuitive programming interface to help teachers to develop tailored teaching programs using innovative pedagogical methods.

  • Benefit from the latest software updates, and pedagogical solutions developed by our partners. 

  • Specialized to engage special education for students with disabilities and developmental disorders like autism.

  • Option to exchange a used Pepper against the latest Pepper 1.8 is also available.

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Pepper Special Offer

Explore the full potential of the smartest humanoid robot for only €9900.

  • Refurbished Pepper 1.8a with 2 years warranty.

  • Perfect for use in Higher Technical & Non-Technical education for research in the field of Robotics, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, and Management Studies.

  • Can be used as a mobile information center by schools and higher education institutions for reception purposes.

  • An all-in-one development platform with upgraded computer, cameras, sensors, motors, and tablet.

  • Comes with an option to choose amongst Python-based OS NAOqi 2.5 and the latest Android version of OS NAOqi 2.9.

  • Get Two for One | AcadeMix bundle - Buy NAO V6 & reconditioned Pepper 1.8a for a discounted price of €14400 (2 years of extended warranty).


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Rental Services

Rent NAO or PEPPER at affordable costs for a period of 1 month to 12 months.

  • Rent NAO at a price of €400 per month onwards.

  • Rent PEPPER at a price of €700 per month onwards.

  • Discover basic and advanced levels of Programming and Robotics with our latest Education Materials.

  • Can be integrated easily into the curriculums of Primary | Secondary | Higher Education.

  • Discover STEM education from early levels of learning with AskNAO solution.

  • Get a special discount on purchasing the robot on completion of the rental period.

  • Premium Repair and Swap services provided.


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