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First Encounter with Pepper: an efficient ground attendant ✈

Jun. 14, 2019

Consumers' emotional engagement is at the core of the strategy for the use of humanoid robots in travel & hospitality. Pepper and NAO easily create an empathetic link with travellers and guests by their eye-catching appearances, moderate sizes and humanoid behaviours.
Why use humanoid robots in the Travel sector?
👉 Proactive engagement Our robots call travellers and guests' attention, initiate interaction by voice and animated expression, or pro-actively go towards people to start conversations.
👉 Communication on-the-fly Being connected, our robots are able to search the latest information at a centralized level, generate, update and adapt their behaviour and content to fit local conditions and audience.
👉 Cognitive computing Taking advantage of the embedded and cloud-based services, our robots can have continuously evolving behaviours to interact travellers and guests based on their real time analysis results. Learn more here: