De Rolf group


The Eddy solution is the result of a long-time collaboration between the University of Applied Science the Kempel and the primary school supplier the Rofl group, both established in the Netherlands. They developed an easy-to-use interface to learn with NAO in primary school. The solution is also available in Belgium and soon in England and in the United States.


Eddy is an application that makes it easy to learn with NAO in the primary school classroom. The robot becomes an innovative learning tool that the teacher can use in addition to his regular lessons. The web interface is accessible from any device with an internet browser (computer, tablet or smartphone) and allows the teacher to access pre-installed educational content or to create courses on his own.

It is thus possible to make History, Mathematics, Language lessons and much more by using NAO. This is also the occasion for kids and teachers to establish a first encounter with a humanoid robot and to learn how to program basic behaviors.


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