Pepper at DEWA

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To Attract, Welcome, Inform and Recommend, Provide Services and Generate Insight
The solution is provided by Softec.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is a public service infrastructure company with a world-class reputation. Aligning with Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 to make Dubai a global centre for clean energy and green economy, DEWA has launched three smart initiatives to support the Smart Dubai initiative to make Dubai the smartest city in the world.

Client's challenges

DEWA has planned to open the Future Center of Customer Happiness,which stands at the cutting edges of AI and robotics as well as the frontier of tech innovation in UAE. In light of this, DEWA seeks a way to enhance digital transformation as well as to boost customer happiness through innovation. It aims at going beyond the standard customer journey to offer a unique experience.


As a digital touchpoint in a number of stores, Pepper’s roles were beyond a service provider. It effectively put people at ease to increase the excellence of service with its versatility in multiple tasks. Empowered by solutions developed by Softec/Yas Digital Media plays and Orchestra Robotics BMS proprietary platform, Pepper became the strong force that contributes to a connected smart future and infinite possibilities of interactions and future integration.

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