Emotion Robotics

Emotion Robotics has been developing and distributing applications and solutions for humanoid robots, drawing on the SoftBank Robotics Suite, for more than two years. In addition, the team has been developing Educational applications since 2011.


Emotion Robotics has been the first U.K. partner to conceive games and applications running on NAO to help autistic children to progress and learn despite their developmental disability.

Emotion Robotics managed to develop a global set of educational and playful solutions, adapted to Specialized Education while establishing a climate of trust with the child favorable to pursue efforts.

Some of the applications are even adaptable to children of all ages in schools or universities, providing engaging and interactive classroom experiences.

Emotion Robotics also provides business solutions based upon the Pepper and NAO robots, offering services from custom app development, through staff training and onto support services, to deliver the best experience for their customers.

> Website: http://www.emotion-robotics.com/