Fullsix Spa is an acknowledged market leading digital marketing & technology player with presence in Europe and, with Yas Digital Media, in the Middle East and North Africa region, designing, building and executing a seamless experience enabling clients to build stronger and more profitable relationships with their customers, through all the interaction channels.

Their cutting edge thinking and execution is fueled by true in-house integration of marketing, UX, creative and IT expertise, ensuring excellence and coherence throughout the entire value chain. Fullsix offers a wide portfolio of solutions for Pepper, enabling customers to solve their problem in different kind of industries.



Fullsix will offer a wide portfolio of solutions for Pepper through its module called Orchestra Robotics which supports the creation and modification of applications for robots.

Integration: Being part of the Orchestra platform, Orchestra Robotics can levarage on existing services already available on the platform, such as Venue Management, Analytics, Gamification.

Venue Management: The Orchestra platform is structured to allow a granular configuration of the robots and the venues belonging to the same company. The same behavior can be easily deployed to a fleet of robots, from the Orchestra dashboard.

Security: The Orchestra dashboard is safely accessed using an enterprise-grade two-factor authentication schema, which relays on one-time-passwords, for maximum security.

Analytics: Behaviors, created with Orchestra Robotics are natively enabled to use the analytics engine of the Orchestra platform, which collects, aggregates and presents data from eterogenous sensors. Each event that happens inside a behavior running on a robot is tracked and reported to the analytics engine of the Orchestra platform. Depending on the capabilities of the robot used, data such as gender, age and mood can be collected and used to enrich the information presented.

Gamification: Badgeminton is the gamification engine of the Orchestra platform, natively integrated with the Robotics module. Interactions with humans, defined in the behaviors created with the BMS Designer, can be associated to actions. Actions can then be grouped in missions which, in turn, can partecipate in gaining badges (prizes, discounts etc.)

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