Génération Robots

Specialized in the robotic service industry and in human-robot interactions, the French company Génération Robots is engaged in two basic activities: the worldwide distribution of programmable robots and the development of smart behaviors for service robots. Génération Robots also conducts training sessions for users from client to partners, where participants learn how to use and program NAO and Pepper robots.


NAO Presenter was the first business application commercialized for the NAO robot. Thanks to this program, the robot connected via wifi to a laptop can run and animate PowerPoint presentations in front of an audience. NAO talks to visitors about the slides displayed, makes various movements to emphasize or demonstrate ideas, runs sounds and dances to music. In return, people can interact with the robot by talking to it, showing images or making movements that will be recognized by external sensors.

This application is very useful for company demonstrations and public locations like museums, malls or fairs. NAO Presenter integrates an intuitive web interface where creating or modifying a presentation is made easy. It is also possible to configure the speech and the movements of NAO for each slide. NAO Presenter can run up to six PowerPoint presentations simultaneously, integrating text, images, sounds and videos.

SMART Pepper, a powerful modular application to use Pepper in B2B scenarios such as greeting people in corporate environments, providing services to employees or visitors, presenting content in museums, hotels...


> Website: https://www.generationrobots.com/fr/