Gfi  Informatique is a major player in value-added IT services and software in Europe that through its differentiated approaches occupies a strategic position between global firms and niche markets. With its multi-specialist profile, the Group offers its customers a unique combination of proximity, sector organization and industrial-quality solutions. The Group has around 12,500 employees and generated revenue of €894 million in 2015.


Gfi’s Social Robotics division develops technical solutions around humanoid robots in order to transform them into new day-to-day actors to simplify business to client relationships. They bring a new dimension to functional services such as client’s reception, guidance and information which are at the very heart of a modern digital strategy, whether it’s already existing or being in the process of construction.

Thanks to its “Think, build, run” process, Social Robotics solutions are targeting a wide scope of software engineering distribution needs, whether relying on existing “off-the-shelf” softwares or requiring custom-made solutions to bring a true and unique user experience to their end-users.

  • Firmin “Digital Concierge” and reception solution allows to manage with high efficiency information points and receptions, applicable for both public institutions and private companies. By its modular conception, Firmin can welcome, inform and provide guidance to guests and employees as well as offer a complete set of related services (news, transportation and travel advices) thanks to constantly growing relationships with external service providers. Multimedia management and broadcasting is also part of Firmin’s digital strategy with Pepper at the very heart of it. Last but not least, Firmin’s Facility Management answers to the growing needs of Smartbuilding, by regulating and optimizing companies assets and resources (shared spaces, meeting rooms, equipment and parking lots).

  • Firmin “Retail”, offers a new approach to the client’s experience in retail. Pepper acts pro-actively towards clients to bring them a more personalized experience and exchange around the products, services and promotions available in-store. The “Digital Book” brings multiple angles (price, category, technical criteria) to a shopping experience in order to tune up to the customer’s expectation and thus making it more enjoyable. The final sale can then be delegated to a real person or even carried away directly by Pepper through its “Click and Collect” approach.

Available in all solutions, Firmin’s “Analytics” brings deeper understandings to the data acquired through all interactions in order to better and adapt existing processes or create new ones.

Gfi’s Social Robotics also provides technical expertise to bridge Firmin to existing technical solutions, like CRMs (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics …).

The Social Robotics solution is available in the following countries: France, Benelux, UK, Spain and Portugal.

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