HEART - Humanizing tEchnology And Robot Talks

Innovation is at the center of Softbank Robotics Europe. We build and program robots that are capable of interacting and collaborating with people in different areas of their lives. We initiated HEART (Humanizing tEchnology And Robot Talks) in 2020 as a way to keep robotics enthusiasts up to date with the latest research and technology breakthroughs and to vulgarize interesting research relevant to our developments.

HEART talks take place today as a series of webinars in collaboration with experts from research, industry and worldwide organisations and focus on topics related to both hardware and software for social robotics.

Marine Chamoux

Marine Chamoux
Expressivity Team Software Manager

Sanchez Susana

Dr. Susana Sánchez Restrepo
R&D Robotics Engineer

Past Webinars

Working with robots/humans to make better humans/robots

June 3, 2021 | 3 pm CET


About this webinar: In this talk Katie drew on examples from her work to demonstrate how by designing socially persuasive and hence influential robots we can make “better” humans as well as how humans, especially certain experts, can help roboticists figure out exactly what robots should (not) do, and to think about the broader social impact of their work. She convinced us that working on these two goals simultaneously is the best way forward for engineering effective and meaningful human-robot interactions.

Speaker: Dr. Katie Winkle, Digital Futures Postdoctoral Researcher @ KTH

Host: Miriam Bilac, R&D Software Engineer @ SoftBank Robotics Europe

The Why and How of Character Design

May 11, 2021 | 4 pm CET


About this webinar: Character design is the ability to infuse a personality, an inner life to an object, thanks to several elements like appearance, emotion, backstory, sound, and attitude. In this webinar voice, design and animation experts shared with us best practices in the character design process, explaining the impact of building a character into machines and guiding us on how to choose the right personality for a product and how to turn the envisioned character concept into a reality.

Speakers: Melinda Ozel (Expression Scientist and Creator of Face the FACS @ Face the FACS), Joan da Silva (Creative Director, previously @ SoftBank Robotics Europe), Dr. Nicolas Obin (Associate Professor and Researcher @ Sorbonne University / IRCAM)

Host: Marine Chamoux, Expressivity Team Software Manager @ SoftBank Robotics Europe

Personalization in long-term human-robot interaction: challenges and suggestions

February 25, 2021 | 4 pm CET

About this webinar: While robots may seem interesting and engaging initially, user interest may wane over time if robots rely on a fixed set of behaviors. Robots need to incrementally and continually learn from users, adapt and personalize their interactions through recognizing users and recalling previously learned information. This webinar is addressing the challenges Dr. Bahar Irfan encountered during her research in long-term personalized human-robot interaction, followed by suggestions on how to overcome them.

Speaker: Dr. Bahar Irfan, PhD graduate from University of Plymouth

Host: Marine Chamoux, Expressivity Team Software Manager @ SoftBank Robotics Europe

Responsible robotics & AI: concrete solutions

February 12, 2021 | 1 pm CET

About this webinar: This webinar is focused on ethical and legal dilemmas brought by robotics and AI technology and is tackling topics such as safety and transparency, bias and fairness and engineering best practices. You can also learn about the solutions being considered at the moment, both at the legal and governmental level but also from the technical point of view of engineers and scientists.

Speakers: Dr. Daniel McDuff (Principal Researcher @ Microsoft Research), Dr. Joanna Bryson (Professor of Ethics and Technology @ Hertie School of Governance), Olivier Guilhem (Legal and Risk Management Director @ SoftBank Robotics Europe)

Host: Dr Susana Sanchez Restrepo, R&D Robotics Engineer @ SoftBank Robotics Europe

Social robotics today and tomorrow: an overview

October 12, 2020 | 1 pm CET

About this webinar: The last several years have brought important developments in areas that are crucial for social robotics such as NLP, AI, neuroscience, electronics… These advances have allowed us to address new markets and have opened new research opportunities. As the ability to process social cues continues to increase, what new tasks may the robots of the future be capable of and how will that impact society? The main goal of this webinar is to explore recent breakthroughs and discuss the future of social robotics.

Speakers: Dr. Ioana Ocnarescu (Strate Research & RbD Lab Director), Dr. Chloé Clavel (Professor in Affective Computing @ LTCI, Telecom-Paris), Dr. Victor Paleologue (R&D Software Engineer @ SoftBank Robotics Europe)

Host: Miriam Bilac, R&D Software Engineer @ SoftBank Robotics Europe

Past Events

SoftBank Robotics Women's Week

March 8-12, 2021

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate women and girls around the world for their determination and achievements. On this occasion, we also honored extraordinary women in our company by sharing their career success stories. Hopefully, their interviews inspired younger generation to pursue their dream career, perhaps also in robotics!

International Women's Day SoftBank Robotics Europe

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