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Info Support specializes in developing, managing and hosting customized software applications and in providing BI and integrated solutions. In addition, Info Support offers more than 300 types of training courses, a large number of which are related to software development. Headquartered in Veenendaal, the Netherlands, Info Support employs more than 400 people at its sites in the Netherlands and Belgium. The company uses its substantial industry knowhow and IT expertise to provide innovative, industry-specific solutions using primarily Microsoft and Java technologies.


Pepper has been programmed for:

  • Entertainment, like a game, funny dialogues and general information
  • Identification of persons using existing cloud services

The coming period Pepper will explore his possibilities by:

  • Playing, interactively, chess with Pepper.
  • Take over Pepper with remote control, in order to i.e. to connect Pepper with people nearby.
  • Being a shop assistant, giving information about products in the store.
  • Improving his Dutch language (using existing cloud services). To make him more flexible in communication.

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