Pepper at Paris 15

In Public service domain
To Attract , Welcome , Inform and Recommend and Provide Services
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The city hall of the 15th district of Paris is the building of the municipal services of the district. The city hall provides various services to the residents of the district, the reception service team is in charge of welcoming, guiding and informing the public about its administrative procedures to the services provided by the city hall.

Client's challenges

With around 1,500 visitors per day, Paris 15th Arrondissement City Hall needed to catch up with the digital revolution to enhance its efficiency in welcoming visitors, guiding them and informing them about municipal activities and information. In a digital-first world, the 15th city hall is preparing to take the lead on AI, IoT, Humanoid robotics and digital technologies, as well as the entire French tech ecosystem that shapes the world of tomorrow in public sector.


Paris 15th Arrondissement City Hall used Hoomano Pepper welcome solution. Pepper is settled in the city hall 's entrance. Pepper robot welcomes visitors and guides them to the various services available; it relieves staff workload from the repetitive tasks and reduces overcrowding at certain times of the day.

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