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Bridging technology and business consulting. Adastra’s mission is to help companies achieve stellar performance by unlocking the business value of their data in the Digital Economy.
Pepper Partners : Adastra


Adastra provides customized solution based on the requirements of clients. The tailor-made solutions can be deployed in following industrial sectors:



Technology & Expertise

CMS - They have developed Omnichannel Content Management System supporting their digital marketing solutions.

Chatbot - Adastra provides Microsoft based chatbot solutions.

Cognitive computing - Face recognition services are part of their digital store concept providing visitor identification, sentiment analysis, etc.

Data analytics - Their major mission is to connect CRM data, behavioural data, IoT data to improve customer engagement and personalized experience.

IT system integration - Adastra integrates Pepper with internal CRM systems to provide customer insight and personalized experience.

Proactive Engagement - Proactive Engagement with customers is developed by well programmed Pepper. Having superb experiences and interactions with Pepper is their goal. These experiences strengthen customers' engagement with a brand.

Real-time data processing/Decision making - Pepper collects data from the store which can be real-time processed or sent to your internal systems. Such data can be store traffic, customers' mood or their satisfaction. Hence the company is able to make decisions to improve customers' experience.


  • Tatra banka, Member of Raiffeisen Bank International
  • Hotel Chain in Czech Republic
  • Main telco provider in Slovakia
  • Main telco provider in Czech Republic


  • TatraBanka

    Pepper x Tatra Banka

    Tatra Banka was founded in 1990 and since then, it has won more than 130 awards granted by 30 awarding authorities, establishing a leading position in the Slovak market.

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