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Blackout Technologies creates unique, learning Personalities for Pepper and Nao, to make them a valuable member in any human-robot-team. They enable the robots to fulfill helpful tasks and to work hand in hand with their human colleagues. Like humans are not alike and have different strengths, so do Pepper, Nao or any of the Digital Assistants that they help build. Also, they have an easy-to-use platform to enable anybody to build such a Personality.

They do everything with a focus of using Artificial Intelligence and creating the perfect solution for their customers.


Blackout Technologies provides solutions solution based on the requirements of their clients.

Their specially tailored solutions and the usage of Artificial Intelligence enables them to make complex use cases and to make Pepper and Nao unique and useful. Their clients’ robots work in Recruiting, hand in hand with humans and fluently integrated in their Recruiting processes, they work also on Fairs, in Front Offices, Entrances, Malls, Car Shops and many more.

The tailor-made solutions can be deployed in the following industrial sectors:


Technology & Expertise

NLU/Semantic Analysis - Artificial Intelligence can make robots and other Digital Assistants come to life. One important way for the user experience is NLP and NLU. As well as Sentiment Analytics to define how the robot should react to certain things.

Real-time data processing/Decision making - Blackout Technologies, as A.I.-specialists, use a vast amount of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and other state of the art or bleeding edge technologies. They also work with Supervised and even Unsupervised Learning.

IoT - Their Nexus platform allows for integration of all kinds of Third-Party hardware. From smart home devices, to wearables and beacons. They can integrate nearly anything, to enhance yours and your customers experience with new technology.

Robot animation editor - It is crucial to the user experience, to balance the Robot Personality with the robot body behaviors. As such body language of the robot is very important for the success of a conversation. 

IT system integration - Blackout Technologies knows that staying up to date and investing in new technology may not have a bad influence on the tasks at hand. They integrate new technology to fit in your systems and workflows in a way it helps!

Cognitive computing - Next to the being specialists in all sections of cognitive services, from all major providers and being able to integrate them into the robots. They use not only state of the art but also bleeding edge Deep Learning technologies.

Navigation - Blackout Technologies can offer accurate indoor navigation, with or without additional hardware. They use this to guide visitors to the people they want to visit or to specific waiting areas, as well as guided tours or orientation in a store

Click to mail/SMS - Sometimes you want to enable your customers to get a summary of the things your robots told them. Sometimes you just want to keep in touch. Blackout Technologies personalities can do that for you, by using Mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and many more.

CMS - They have developed a unique platform, called nexus. The nexus works hand in hand with all major providers of Cognitive Services/Artificial Intelligence. they offer a secure platform, hosted on- and off-premise, even integrated in Intranets.

Chatbot - Since Blackout Technologies works with Artificial Intelligence, they use a lot of Chatbot Technology in the back. This also enables them to make one Personality of a robot available on more platforms, such as websites, etc.

Proactive Engagement - For a robot to be as effective and engaging as possible, it is necessary that the robot itself overcomes any fear of contact that one can have when interacting with a robot for the first or even second time. Also some tasks require interaction initiated by the robot.

Data Analytics - Since Blackout Technologies team are specialists in Artificial Intelligence, they employ several Data Scientists to get the most out of the Data you can provide. This enables them to build the most useful and unique applications.

QR code/ Barcode scanning - In shops for product information, or as other markers, the usage of QR Codes or Barcodes can be helpful to transfer a big amount of information. This can enable a robot to be more helpful.

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