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United Arab Emirates

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BlackStone eIT supplies innovative solutions to automate and digitally transform human and information intensive processes. It empowers business breakthroughs with smarter workflows, augmented business intelligence with AI insights, and through real-time situational awareness which all drive better business outcomes.

Its solutions are designed to dramatically reduce operating costs, increase competitiveness, mitigate risk, boost internal productivity, improve the customer and employee experience, and to make the previously impossible, possible.

Its digital transformation platform can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, which includes: business process management, a digital workplace suite, AI solutions, contextual facial and object recognition, IoT tracking and logistics, blockchain, Hololens, situational awareness, chatbot, smart robotics, business analytics, alongside with other AI solutions.


Blackstone eIT provides both ready-to-use and customised solution. They deliver a solution that can rapidly automate manual processes such as Backoffice and customer-facing, making them faster, significantly more cost effective, and improving consistency and regulatory compliance. Their solutions can be deployed in the following industries:


Technology & Expertise

Chatbot - Provide interactive backbone for the robot’s interactive features, and provide humanoid dialogs between the users and the robot.

SMS - Fully Integration with Microsoft Exchange and SMS gateway.

Cognitive computing – Employ cognitive services to provide the robot with the ability to recognize the users, in addition to provide the robot with emotional scanning to collect user satisfaction rate.

IT system integration – Integrated with Microsoft 365 Libraries to provide seamless email sending and receiving functionalities, as well as user calendar checking functionalities.

Navigation – Provide floor mapping and navigation abilities.

QR code/ Barcode scanning – Include the usage of QR codes or barcodes to help input and transfer a big amount of information. This can enable a robot to be more helpful to read badges and user cards.

Real-time data processing – Include various Machine Learning capabilities, such as deep Learning and other state-of-the-art or cutting-edge technologies, to provide experience enhancement overtime.

Robot animation editor – Reconciling the robot’s personality with the behavior of the robot body is crucial to the user experience. As such the robot's body language is very important to the progress of a conversation.


  • Dubai Police - Smart Officer
  • ADNOC - Smart trainer
  • Warba Bank - Smart assistant
  • DSO - Smart receptionist
  • Boehringer Ingelheim - Smart employee

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