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Smart robotic solutions will truly contribute to the societal challenges in the coming years. With partner organizations in hospitality, security and healthcare, DigiNova develops sustainable value propositions and integrate technology in business processes as a full-service package for their end-users and customers. The ambition of DigiNova is to bring value to humans by using robots in practice.


DigiNova provides both ready-to-use and customized solution. The solutions can be deployed in following industries:


Ready-to-use solutions:

Hospitality: myAmigo

Hospitality Assistant - A complete hospitality solution developed for a great first impression for visitors. With myAmigo entrance management we improve communication, experience and efficiency for guest registration and facility management. myAmigo can be fully integrated with existing Facility Management Information Systems and customized per organization. By measuring the visitor experience we keep on improving the hospitality services.

Healthcare: Karel Pepper

Caring Rehabilitation Assistant - A solution focused on assisting rehabilitating people bringing structure and entertainment on a daily basis and help out with exercises (physiotherapy, speech therapy, music therapy, diet, psychology)

Technology & Expertise

CMS – Hospitality: CMS for events agenda Healthcare: CMS for health exercises and events agenda

Click to mail/SMS – Hospitality: Event triggers an email/SMS when making yourself known to Pepper.

Data Analytics – Healthcare: Measuring personal analytics of client exercises and progress. Hospitality: Measuring visitor data and experience.

IT System Integration – Hospitality: Integration with MS Outlook and FMIS (facility management information systems) Healthcare: Integration with MS Outlook.

IoT – PoS machine / Beacons / RFID / NFC / Wearable devices – Hospitality: Pepper is part of an ecosystem of all kinds of different touch points, such as entry gates or identification columns which work in a closed network for security and safety.

Navigation – Hospitality: Proactive engagement. Recognizing and navigating towards a person to start a dialogue.

QR Code / Barcode scanning – Hospitality: entry management. Scan a QR code on Pepper to allow access or a quick way for identification

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