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Emotion Robotics is a specialist solutions developer providing leading edge social robotics solutions to business and education. Their focus is on finding and developing new and innovative solutions in the emerging field of social robotics, for businesses, SEN education and healthcare.

As a bespoke solutions development agency, they can develop solutions, on Pepper and Nao, customised to meet your specific requirements and vision, be they standalone or including integration into your existing systems and data sources.
Pepper Partners : Emotion Robotics


Emotion Robotics provides both ready-to-use and customised solution. Their solutions can be deployed in following industries:



Ready-to-use solution:

For education:

  • Assist for Autism - A complete solution, developed with SEN educational professionals, to assist children with autism to improve communication, confidence and self-esteem. (Available on Nao)

For Healthcare:

  • Assist for Care - A solution of residential care applications, focused on assisting people living with dementia. (Available on Pepper)

Technology & Expertise

Utilising their extensive knowledge of systems integration and IoT, they have provided bespoke systems that range from simple NFC integration, through to complete system integration with chatbot platforms, customer journey management systems, and legacy data systems:

Chatbot - They provide a fully integration with the Oracle AI Bots platform

Click to mail/SMS - As part of a range of receptionist and click and collect retail applications, they have integrated the Clickatell SMS gateway and email capabilities for notifications.

Cognitive computing - They have a range of cloud-based face and emotional recognition service already integrated with Pepper including Microsoft Cognitive Services and Diwa.

IT system integration - Their retail customer experience solution includes integration with the Qmatic Orchestra customer journey management system.

IoT - Their solutions have the capability of allowing customers to utilise NFC from discrete NFC device or mobile phone applications, to pass data into, and initiate interactions with Pepper and NAO.

Proactive Engagement - With their solutions, Pepper can proactively encourage people to approach and engage.

QR code/ Barcode scanning - Specifically in retail, but available in any industry solution, they have utilised QR code reading as part of the customer journey, for identifying specific transactions such as click and collect


  • Priors Court School
  • Elisa Kulma
  • Grosvenor Property Management
  • Oracle
  • AB Stena
  • Westfields
  • BAT

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