Preferred Partner - NAO
ERM develops and markets innovative solutions for research, education, industry and tourism.


ERM provides both ready-to-use and customised solution. Their solutions can be deployed in following industries:



Ready-to-use solution: ERM provides two software suites dedicated to NAO and Pepper.

  • AskNAO Tablet: Software application to use NAO and Pepper with kids in schools and hospitals (Games, Quizz, Behaviors for autism...).
  • Blockly for NAO: Software application to program NAO with the famous Blockly graphical programming environment.

Technology & Expertise

CMS - We proposed the Hoomano CMS for Education

Click to mail/SMS - Solution to send your opinion to our Website

Cognitive computing/Face reco/Emotion reco/Image reco/Eye tracking,etc. -  We are working with many university in France to improve different solutions.

Data analytics - Connection to SGB to improve dialog capabilities and auto-learning

IoT - PoS machine/Beacons/RFID/NFC/Wearable devices - We are working on many solutions for Industrie 4.0

QR code/ Barcode scanning - Scanning Barcode or QR Code for identification

Real-time data processing/Decision making - Many off our industrial solutions are working in real-time.

Robot animation editor - We used sequencial programmation


  • INRIA 
  • INSA 
  • ENSAM 
  • Polytech'Marseille / Polytech'Annecy / Polytech'Tours / Polytech'Lille 
  • CHU tours 
  • Autistes sans frontière 
  • CFAI de Bretagne 
  • Allizé Plasturgie 

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