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eXXcellent solutions supplies high quality software engineering to implement IT-solutions for business processes of their customers. They also help to design the business processes; therefore, their vision is to integrate pepper in business processes to create maximum value, e.g. connecting pepper with customer data in salesforce® or legacy backend systems.


eXXcellent solutions provides only tailor-made solutions, which can be deployed in the following industrial sectors :


Technology & Expertise

CMS - To have pepper explain any type of content (Videos, Pictures, Music,...), they created a CMS framework to faster develop individual and open solutions for customers.

IT system integration - IT system integration is their core vision for pepper, e. g. connection to a vehicle database to act as a friendly advisor in a vehicle showroom. As a salesforce® partner, they are also able to integrate pepper and salesforce®.

Navigation - eXXcellent solutions developed a technology which enhances the native navigation features of Pepper by far, e.g. navigation without prior exploration phase.

QR code/ Barcode scanning - eXXcellent solutions created a showcase for integrating this technology in business processes such as workshop appointments for a tyre change.

Click to mail/SMS - In their custom-based solutions, pepper can also use mail and SMS connections.

Real-time data processing/Decision making - eXXcellent solutions is working on an enhanced speech recognition based on specialized AI/ML algorithms, which can be trained for human interaction in dedicated use cases.

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