Generation Robots

Generation Robots is a France-based company that supplies robotic systems all over the world. Their team of experts have helped many customers to select a robotic platform, developed the associated software, and provided local technical and logistical support along the way.

Generation Robots is also operating in Germany via its Berlin based subsidiary serving the German B2B market.
Pepper World Paris 2017: Generation Robots


Provides both ready-to-use and customised solution. Their solutions can be deployed in following industries:



Ready-to-use solution:

SMART Pepper Application - SMART Pepper App is a modular application that makes your pepper robot easy-to-use for you and useful for your customers. SMART Pepper app allows you to truly customize Pepper robot to suit your needs. Thanks to SMART Pepper, your robot meets and greets your visitors and answer to basic questions. It is able to announce that your appointment has arrived and allows your visitors to contact a department or a person. Pepper informs and guides your visitors (animated presentation, product promotion...). Pepper is surprisingly useful (taxi booking, weather forecast, wifi access, satisfaction survey, data collection). Pepper offers a truly unusual customer experience (nearby places, event information, selfie app, dance, games). There are 19 existing modules, but let them know if you have a specific demand, or application needed and their engineer team will study your case.

Pepper Remote Application: Pepper Remote is an application that allows you to control your robot remotely through a computer or a video game controller connected to the computer. The application allows to control the movements of the head, the voice or the movements of your Pepper robot.

It is possible to set several phrases and animations that will be saved, even when the robot is turned off. It will then be possible to hear the saved phrases when the robot is turned on again, by clicking on the button to make Pepper say the sentence.

It is also possible, thanks to this application, to show images or videos on the tablet, to play sounds on the robot, or to have a glimpse of what the robot perceives through its camera.

Introducing Pepper
South Africa's First Humanoid Robot
Pepper Remote Application

Nao Presenter Application - A behaviour to install on your NAO robot so it will greet members of the public and carry out your presentations. This behaviour is ideal for any organisation that has to receive members of the public and wants to stand out from the others as regards its innovation and technology capacity. The NAO robot attracts the public and performs interactive presentations that can include images, sounds, or videos.

Technology & Expertise

IoT - They have experience with many different devices, protocols and technologies, and already provided integration with RFID identification badges, home automation and much more.

IT system integration - They also provide specific services for integration with your IT system, such as employees databases, security and badge access, information about local transportation and schedules.

Cognitive computing - Emotion recognition is used in their software solutions to provide rich data collection and analytics to improve your KPI.

Navigation - The navigation tools provided by SoftBank Robotics are leveraged to enable Pepper to give automatic tours and description of activities in showrooms. We also have extensive experience with autonomous navigation for mobile robots.

Click to mail/SMS - Their software solutions embed communication with different channels (mail, SMS, instant messaging) to contact people in the company or specific services.

CMS - Their software solutions integrate a user friendly CMS to allow customers to easily modify the content of their robotic application.

Proactive engagement - Our software solutions provide multiple ways for Pepper to actively engage the user and lead many aspects of the interaction such as obtaining feedback, promoting relevant products, collecting visitor's contact details.

Data analytics - Our software solutions allows you to collect a lot of interaction information about your visitors: number of visitors per day, number of interactions in each language, average age, percentage of men/women, satisfaction surveys and feedback.

QR code/ Barcode scanning - This technology is used for user identification with specific badges, administrative forms retrieval and access to government identity services.


  • Nedbank
  • Standard Bank
  • Vodacom SA
  • Bank Audi
  • Les Incontournables
  • EDF Paris
  • EDF Martinique
  • Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie
  • Cadiou
  • ENSAM Bordeaux
  • Eiffage
  • Al-Khaliji Bank