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Gfi Informatique is a key player in value-added IT services and software in Europe, that through its differentiated approaches, occupies a strategic position between global firms and niche markets. Around humanoid robots, Gfi's Social Robotics division develops enhanced solutions to simplify day-to-day businesses and client relationships.
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Firmin is Gfi Informatique global solution, developed by the Social Robotics team. Four main ready to use solutions, allow to address diverse areas such as Corporate Conciergeries, Health facilities, Hotel & Tourism and Retail.

Gfi Informatique provides both ready-to-use and customised solution. Their solutions can be deployed in following industries:


Technology & Expertise:

CMS - Through Firmin, Gfi Social Robotics solution, contents are at the hand of our clients, allowing them to update, plan and broadcast medias and Pepper behaviours, making Pepper their new advocate in promoting their success stories.

Design Studio - The Design studio allows Firmin users to easily have Pepper animations to communicate, promote products and services.

Survey - Through the Firmin solution, customers can set up surveys and opinion campaigns to be presented by Pepper. The results collected allow a better understanding of the expectations and needs to address.

Chatbot - In order to extend Pepper's capabilities, Gfi's solution allows bot integration, providing multi-channels interactions. Pepper thus becomes the physical avatar of their internal technology, allowing clients in creating centralised bot interaction and making them available with Pepper.

NLU/Semantic Analysis - Adapting Pepper's answers according to semantic elements in a conversation is the key to more personal and dedicated answers. Their solutions ensure that Pepper will always bring the most appropriate answer with a personal touch.

Cognitive computing - To better user engagement and making it even more natural, Pepper is able to greet known users, based on the clients privacy policy, and thus personalize dialog interactions and service proposals.

Data Analytics - Knowing what people are more interested in within the solutions proposed through Pepper is a key element for the clients, in order to enhance their offers and better their content and interactions. Their solutions allow deep analysis of users’ pattern behaviours and interaction to bring new inputs to better their experience.

IT system integration - The core and concerns of businesses is often the integration of their own data and processes into Pepper's interactions. Therefore, their non-intrusive solutions allow bridging the gap between corporate environments and their availability through Pepper, making it safer and easier to integrate.

IoT - Allowing Pepper to interact with its environment brings more life into users' experience. Therefore, they develop components allowing Pepper to interact with IOT components and broadcasting solutions to enhance Pepper's messages and service proposals.

QR code/ Barcode scanning - Fast pace activities such as welcoming visitors, may require quick means to speed up their engagement with Pepper. QRCode solutions, integrated in Firmin Business, thus allow identifying quickly and with accuracy expected visitors but also to bring another mean of identifying known users to better their experience with Pepper.


  • Vodafone VPC, Luxembourg
  • Futuroscope, France
  • Dentsu Aegis Network, France
  • RATP, France
  • Marseille World Trade Center, France
  • PATAPAIN, France
  • Rentes Genevoises, Swiss
  • UAQ e-Services Government, UAE

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