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GiS is a provider of turn-key solutions in AV, IT, IPTV, telecom, security systems, broadcasting, and network infrastructure representing world-leading brands. As the leader in systems integration, its customers list includes government entities, education institutions, hospitality, telco providers, banks, and many other international or commercial organizations.


GiS differentiates itself with full solution provision, concept creation, brand representation, and high-quality service. It is the pioneer in innovative and modern technology offering. For the Georgian market, GiS has already become an iconic brand in HiTech.



Technology & Expertise

Chatbot Conducts interactive, real-time natural conversation with customers

Click to mail/SMS Click to mail/SMS to send out the notification to relevant staff member, eg.: notification about an upcoming meeting/an arrived guest, etc. Enables different registration and reservation services via Pepper

Cognitive computing/Face reco/Emotion reco/Imagine reco/Eye tracking, etc.– Identifies employees and VIP customer and offer them a personalized greeting

Data Analytics – Analyze customer data to identify the segments of incoming customers and existing customer base 

IoT – PoS machine / Beacons / RFID / NFC / Wearable devices –BFSI: Let Pepper initiative processes on the devices in BFSI agencies 

Navigation – Pepper guides visitors on a “Tour with Pepper” around facilities 

Proactive engagement – Recognize approaching visitors and attract their attention by proactive greeting and body languages 

QR Code / Barcode scanning – Library: Pepper scans the barcode of the books to identify them 

Body Temperature - GiS have developed a COVID application for which they have integrated a portable body temperature scanner that can scan visitors

Ready-to-deploy solution  Pepper for Library: this is the first Application developed by GiS. 

The main functions are

  • Visitor identification according to ID Card (Barcode scanner) 
  • Book identification according to QR Code 
  • Provision of information about available books 
  • Suggestion of the books based on different categories, Best Seller Lists, etc. 
  • Reservation of the list 
  • Notification system for news and updates


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