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Inrobics Social Robotics is a UC3M spin-off that develops AI and Robotics solutions for Health. They have created the first intelligent robotic co-therapist which improves treatment adherence and efficacy of people with functional or neurological diversity, by learning from their evolution and adapting to their condition. Inrobics aims to revolutionize the health sector by integrating Socially Assistive Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in a certified platform of digital health to offer an innovative rehabilitation service in the clinical and home environment. In this way, Inrobics creates new models of personalized cognitive and functional rehabilitation improving the lives of people with limitations in their motor, cognitive and social capacity, and users who wish to maintain optimal performance in their day-to-day life.

Inrobics is positioned as a science-based and high-technology company applied to the health sector. It is born from the innovation developed during more than 7 years of research where general-purpose technology is specialized and transformed into a medical device. Inrobics philosophy is to put cutting-edge technology at the service of society.


Inrobics focuses on solving the problems of adherence and access to rehabilitation treatments, while improving effectiveness by offering personalized therapies for each condition. It is designed by health professionals within the pediatric (cognitive and functional diversity) and geriatric (active aging, monitoring) context, and can be used in the clinical and home setting. In the first area, it enriches long-term therapeutic interventions that are frequently affected by a lack of motivation and adherence on the part of the patient. In the second area, it provides a remote rehabilitation resource from home, improving family reconciliation and enjoying a better quality of life. In addition to all of the above, Inrobics is making its way into the era of digital medicine through the digitization of results that facilitate data interoperability and remote monitoring.



Inrobics Rehab® is a highly scalable transversal solution to new uses and pathologies. Among the largest market segments, we find dementia with an incidence between 5 and 8% of the population over 60 years of age, stroke suffered by 25% of the population, spinal cord injury with an overall incidence of 3%, as well as 3 to 6% of newborns suffer complications during childbirth. 

Agents and users involved in health, wellness and education processes make up the market that Inrobics is oriented towards, focusing in this first phase on the area of rehabilitation. We target hospitals, rehabilitation centers, residences, and insurance companies at a national and European level, with a multidisciplinary team and medium or large capacity with admission and rehabilitation services, with patients being the main users of the platform. The profile of these centers stands out for a high level of investment in innovation and good technological adoption.

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  • Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos de Toledo

  • Fundación Instituto San José

  • Hospital Gregorio Marañón

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