Saudi Arabia, Egypt and United Arab Emirates

Standard Partner - Pepper
INTDV is a Software Company based in Saudi Arabia with offices around the Middle East Region.
Utilizing the latest emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence, INTDV provides Intelligent Solutions that bring business, technology and people together to achieve the business goals of the enterprise


INDTV provides both ready-to-use and customised solution. Their solutions can be deployed in following industries:



Technology & Expertise:

CMS – INTDV has a CMS that enables its customers to create projects on Pepper and empowers them to design their screens and build the dialogues related to each project.

Chatbot - INTDV deploys different Chatbots technologies such as IBM Watson and Google dialogue flow besides its Chatbot engine Communico and the technologies are integrated INTDV’s Robot Management System CORMs

Cognitive computing - INTDV uses Microsoft Azure facial recognition services to capture the audience face prints and to recognize them later when they interact with Pepper, in order to create personalized user experience.

Data Analytics - INTDV has created their data analytics module that triggers and reports the interactions with the robot, including but not limited to: frequently asked questions and most visited screens and topics.

Proactive Engagement - A proactive engagement function installed on Pepper enables it to perform animations to attract the audience, then greet them when they are close to encourage them to approach and interact with Pepper.

Robot animation editor - Animation application drives Pepper to dance and mimic animals


  • Aramco
  • Nahdi pharmacies