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Interactive Robotics believes that social robots will increasingly be a part of everyday lives, and it strives to maximize value from them.
It offers a scalable cloud-based software platform for managing social robots and robot applications. On top of that there is also an intuitive development platform for easy creation of social robot applications (by non-technical people). Its robot application library can be indexed and searched on several criteria.
For primary education (the focus market), the company offers ready-to-use educational content, enabling teachers and pupils to interact with robots, acquire programming skills, give interactive presentations, and use them for tutoring purposes (e.g. language, math, ...).
For the healthcare sector, Interactive Robotics offers applications for mental and physical activation of patients (across all age groups), daily routine and buddying/coaching-functionality by the robots in order to facilitate better patient outcomes as well as increased efficiency for healthcare organizations.


Educational content / applications for primary education: It offers hundreds of ready-to-use applications for several teaching and tutoring purposes (e.g. language, math, science, geography, programming, etc).

Interactive presentations: with the software it is simple to create interactive presentations together with social robots. By integrating pdf/powerpoint presentation and facilitating different kinds of inputs and outputs between presenter (teacher or student), lively and engaging interactive presentations can be made in no-time.

Intuitive programming interface: with very limited instruction, non-technical people and even children are able to create new robot applications and interactive functionality for specific subject areas.

Robot, robot application and user management: the platform can monitor and manage health condition and usage of robot and robot applications, and gather key insights on how the robots are used in real-life situations. Moreover, it can manage user accounts and has several layers of security settings to fit the needs of different types of organizations working with robots. Therefore, the solutions can be deployed in following industries:


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Technology & Expertise

Teaching & Tutoring Assistant

Interactive Robotics’ “RobotsintheClassroom”-platform offers a robot application library with hundreds of ready-to-use applications for (primary) education on different subjects (language, math, programming...).

On top of that, (non-technical) people can easily create new content or edit existing applications or educational content though an intuitive (Scratch/Blockly-like) programming interface.

Quizzes, polls and interactive presentations together with social robots can be created in no-time, integrating pdf/powerpoint and/or music/mp3.


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