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Jumple is a software vendor, which aims to revolutionize the user experience in sectors such as retail, services, and tourism, through the use of humanoid robotics. After analyzing the contexts of application and the customer's specific pain points, Jumple designs and develops Robot Experiences that improve information effectiveness, entertainment and facilitate the sales process to the end-user. The key points of the experience offered are gamification, in-store personalization, mass customization and IoT.


The Robot Experiences unify the advantages of the digital world and those offered by physical spaces. It creates a phygital dimension that comes from the interaction among users and robots. Key points of the Robot Experience are gamification, in-store personalization, mass customization, and the Internet of Things.

Pyramid is a web platform that allows to manage and personalize the Robot Experiences, and monitor robots. Thanks to data analytics, it is possible to know the in-depth habits and preferences of the end-user and make improvements and updates to the interaction flow.



Technology & Expertise

CMS – Jumple designed and developed a library of Robot Experiences for several industries. Thanks to the platform Pyramid and its omnichannel CMS (web and mobile), it is possible to customize the Robot Experience, by updating content (video, images, presentations, music, animations, texts) of each module of which the application is composed (welcome, entertainment, check-in).

Chatbot – A wide dictionary of idioms and synonymous makes the interaction flexible, and adapt it depending on the user's emotions, feedbacks, and characteristics (gender, age, style, role, number). A cloud-based integration allows implementing a chatbot or a vocal assistant. Moreover, the platform Pyramid allows to their customers to control the robot remotely.

Click to mail/SMS – Through IM (WhatsApp, Telegram, e-mail) the robot can contact users before, after, and during the interaction. This feature paves the way for the lead generation and loyalty processes with newsletter subscriptions, coupon redemptions, and online forms. Other applications are check-in and reception.

Cognitive computing / Face reco / Emotion reco / Image reco / Eye tracking – Online cognitive services (Azure, OpenCV, Tensorflow) are used for face recognition (gender, age, style, accessories), and sentiment analysis (anger, happiness, fear, surprise, sadness...). The collected information can be stored to improve future interaction and customize experiences.

Data analytics – A dedicated section of their platform Pyramid deals with data analytics. During the interaction, the robots gather information related to the interaction flow (user choices, answers, preferences, feedbacks...), and data received from computer vision. It is possible to visualize and analyze these collected data in order to adapt and improve the robot experience through time.

IT system integration – They integrate their platform with external systems such as CRM, databases (clients, employees, ID badge system, products, stock…).

IoT - PoS machine / Beacons / RFID / NFC / Wearable devices – Robots are at the center of the Phygital experience. In order to offer the most outstanding and efficient user experiences, they design a network of devices, with the aim of augmenting robot capabilities and of expanding the impact through time and space. Among IoT devices and technologies, they promote beacons, smart lights, printers, cameras, wearables, tags (NFC, RFID), ticketing systems, and thermal cameras.

Navigation – Robots can navigate both autonomously and remotely controlled, on known and unknown areas. They are able to guide users from one location to another (hospitality, healthcare, tourism, services).

Semantic Analysis – A wide dictionary of idioms and synonymous makes the interaction flexible, by adapting it depending on the users, their emotions, and feedbacks (gender, age, style, role, number).

Proactive engagement – What differentiates Jumple is a wide library of ice-breakers: micro-experiences to attract and engage users. Depending on the context analysis, the robot adapts its behavior, it understands how and when to start the interaction, keeping it alive and focused on the target topic.

QR code / Barcode scanning – Through computer vision, it is possible to scan QR code and Barcode for ticketing, badging, and purchasing, and for triggering micro-marketing moments (pixel-tracking, lead generation).

Real-time data processing/Decision making (rule based, ML, DL or other) – Thanks to stored data and real-time data collection, the robot adapts its behavior in each moment of the interaction, customizing the experience for each user.

Robot animation editor – In order to make the human-robot interaction more empathic and natural, they constantly update the animation library. In addition, depending on the context of use and the user cultures, they develop specific gestures to better play the intended role.


  • Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center
  • Eurofork
  • Gellify
  • La Stampa
  • Teatro Carignano Torino
  • RetiPiù

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