Netlife Robotics Ltd.


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Netlife Robotics Ltd is a startup focusing on customer service representative robots. Its primary target sectors are banks, utilities, and government agencies. Secondary target sectors are restaurants, malls (information desks), and office buildings (reception desks).
It implemented Hungarian TTS and STT.


Netlife Robotics Ltd provides both ready-to-use and customised solution. Its solutions can be deployed in following industries:


Technology & Expertise

Chatbot - Operating within a neural network, the chatbot’s focus is to identify the intent of the speaker, regardless of the exact words and formulas used. For now, it is aided by a human operator, but Netlife is working on obtaining a large enough corpora.

Cognitive computing/Face reco/Emotion reco/Image reco/Eye tracking,etc. - Robots take a picture of the user's photo ID, and read all the data from it, which enable them to indicate if it is a match when comparing the photo to the user's actual face. 

IT system integration - Robots are connected to backend systems to obtain and provide information about the user (e.g. bank account balance or electricity consumption based on the metering device).

NLU/Semantic Analysis - After identifying the intent of the speaker, robots can also get entities from the text. E.g. if the user says "I'm called Louis", the intent will be to introduce himself, and the entity will be labelled as name, with Louis as its value.

Real-time data processing/Decision making - After understanding the intent and getting the referred entities, robots can compose an answer.

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