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Founded in 2007, NewQuest: Experience Agency supports its clients in the design, deployment and optimization of their digital strategy as well as in their use of new technologies and media. Located in France (Chambéry) in the United States (New York) in Australia (Sydney) and in Hong Kong, the Group has clients from all over the world, including: Danone, Universal, Blédina, Somfy, Olympique Lyonnais, Ninkasi and many others.

The team is made up of proactive and creative experts in all areas of digital, mobile, IoT, video, marketing but also in the digitization of services and in robotics in order to provide complete and innovative solutions to meet the needs of his clients.


They offer tailor-made solutions tailored to the needs of our customers to create innovative, intelligent and efficient connected experiences.

At NewQuest, they recognize the opportunities that such technology offers. Always on the lookout for the latest innovations, our R&D team is constantly developing new applications and ideas to be able to make the best use of robotics on a daily basis.



Technology & Expertise

CMS – Based on WordPress, one of the most popular CMS, they provide to their customers a platform to have total control over their content. The client is thus an independent administrator in the management, updating and dissemination of information.

Chatbot – They use the TensorFlow tool to create conversations and allow personalized interactions with Pepper and adequate responses for the user to guarantee an optimal user experience.

Click to mail/SMS – They are setting up the possibility of sending an email or SMS with Pepper to the user to allow him to continue the experience. The emailing sent is personalized with the client's colors and editorial charter. All information is collected and processed in compliance with the GDPR.

Cognitive computing / Face reco / Emotion reco / Eye tracking etc. – They are developing tools allowing Pepper and Nao to recognize and categorize their known contacts. For example, They have established the recognition of the members of the NewQuest team to offer personalized interaction and services adapted to each.

Data Analytics – The user experience is at the heart of our reflections; they analyze the interactions and the behavior patterns to allow a follow-up and a constant improvement of the proposed experiments aiming at developing new approaches.

IT System Integration – They believe that Pepper and Nao are fully-fledged systems that can be interconnected with any type of medium: TV, screen, camera, or even other robots.

IoT – PoS machine / Beacons / RFID / NFC / Wearable devices – They are able to interface Pepper with connected objects (IoT) of all types to increase its capabilities and develop an experience that is both relevant, lively and adapted to the needs of users.

Navigation – Thanks to environment detection functions, they can adapt the movements of Pepper to encourage users to interact and create a lively and attractive experience, tailored to the user.

NLU / Semantic analysis – Semantic analysis is used with Pepper to improve its understanding and detect the intention of the user. Thanks to the analysis of behavior patterns, the content is enriched to allow constant improvement with each new experience.

Proactive engagement – They take particular care in the development of Pepper engagement in order to encourage the user to interact through different means (tablet, voice, movement). Interpellating with a movement and by detecting and following the gaze allows you to capture the audience and start an interaction in a natural way.

Real-time data processing/Decision making (rule based, ML, DL or other) – They have developed solutions for processing data collected in real-time. They provide to their customers a solution that allows Pepper to analyze a photo in real-time, using its camera.

QR Code / Barcode scanning – Thanks to the QR Code, BarCode and image recognition, Newquest develop solutions using the cameras of Pepper and Nao that elevate their skills in different types of uses: the identification of visitors during events, validation accreditation or the development of interactive and educational games in schools.

Robot animation editor – The robot's body language is essential for the success of a conversation and experience. They work with the NewQuest Motion Designers team to develop natural movements adapted to any situation.


  • University of Savoie Mont-Blanc
  • University Hospital Center of Grenoble
  • City of Chambéry
  • City of Aix-les-Bains
  • Gaming Day (event), Chambéry
  • Hackathon (event), Chambéry
  • Schools of Chambéry
  • Schools of Aix-les-Bains
  • 10 years – NewQuest’s event (on stage)

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