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raumCode is a young company (founded in 2014) based in Zurich and specialized in robotics and artificial intelligence. They have a large partner network in Switzerland for nearly all kind of technologies and key sectors.


raumCode provides both ready-to-use and customised solution. Their solutions can be deployed in following industries:



Ready-to-use solution:

The Robot Management Platform allows customers to manage and maintain multiple robots in different places. They can provide a huge variety of Pepper modules (Events App, Fun and Selfie, Product advice and Promotion, Routing, Surveys, Welcoming, Analytics, Support Assistant and Alert...) as a service.

Technology & Expertise

CMS - Their CMS helps clients to develop their own Pepper Content without the need of any programming skills.

Chatbot - With Chatbots, they optimize the way of interacting with Pepper. A smooth communication is the key success factor of Robot interactions.

NLU/Semantic Analysis - They use NLU to ensure a proper behaviour of robots in dependence of what a customer is saying.

IT system integration - The Robots need to be integrated in the business processes of customers.

Cognitive computing - These Technologies are used in nearly every Pepper application as a service to enhance the Pepper experience.

Navigation - Robots are able to explain where the customer finds a specific place (poi) or product. The Robot is able to patrol in a previously taught environment.

Proactive Engagement - Robots are able to start an interaction (for example a conversation) by different triggers from their environment.

Data Analytics - Analytics is the key to optimize your products. With their Pepper Analytics Platform, customers can gather more information about their clients need.

QR code/ Barcode scanning - The code scanning is used to gather more information about a product or a person (airplane ticket).

Click to mail/SMS - You can use available status information and push them to any device. This function can be used for example to alert users in specific cases.

Real-time data processing/Decision making - Real Time Data Processing helps robots to react in real time on their environment.

IoT - With IoT, the robots can interact with their environment. For example, they can open a door or control the room temperature of a building.

Robot animation editor - Create and push animations in an easy way on every robot of their Robot Management Platform.

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