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SNOW.DOG is a digital agency and commerce consultant built on the foundation of innovative thinking at the boundaries of technology. Working with the latest technologies in web and mobile, Internet of Things and machine learning allows us to develop cutting-edge projects in commerce, from AR and image classification to recommendation systems and robotic retail solutions.

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SNOW.DOG works to create unique and advanced solutions that incorporate Pepper to enhance people's experiences:


Technology & Expertise

Chatbot - SNOW.DOG has programmed Pepper to engage in conversations with event participants about the conference agenda and SNOW.DOG products.

IT System integration - Pepper was integrated into ConfApp - a mobile conference app used during Meet Magento Poland conference with up-to-date information about the event - to display agenda and respond to questions about ongoing presentations and speakers.

Navigation - Pepper was taught to react to navigation enquiries by displaying the map of the event location. Participants could refer to the current location and check the location of the next event, and then follow the orientation on the map.


  • Meet Magento Poland
  • Greater Poland Tourist Organization
  • Marshall Office of Wielkopolska Region

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