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Weboffice IT Service and Marketing is a digital agency founded in 2001. The agency plans and creates 360° software and web solutions to optimize business success for their clients. They translate complex company structures and processes into clearly structured and intuitive digital solutions and processes. Integrating humanoid robots into holistic software solutions bridges the gap between humans and technology. Humanoid robots provide an interface that clients can communicate with intuitively and in human language.


PepperConcierge is an application designed to welcome clients and provide them with important information about the company, its services and products and the latest offers or news in a playful and engaging way.

PepperEvent enables Pepper to support at events and trade fairs. It engages passers-by in entertaining small talk, fun games and activities. During the interaction, it informs about products and services and ends the interaction by giving the floor to the human co-worker in charge.

PepperMed is an application for the healthcare sector. Pepper engages residents of retirement homes in communication and supports their well-being with memory games and physical exercises like cards games, music quizzes, riddles, and interactive story-telling. If the robot is provided with personal information and photos of each resident through a database, it can generate photo galleries and quizzes to bring back memories and support holistic mnemonic training.



Technology & Expertise

Chatbot – Weboffice programmed Pepper to communicate with clients in different languages, provide real-time information about services, products and the team, help finding the right product, give directions or inform a contact person upon the arrival of the client.

Click to mail/SMS – Clients arriving at the location can ask Pepper to inform the contact person of the clients’ arrival. The robot can provide information on the availability of the team member and inform the latter by sending a message or an email.

Cognitive computing / Face reco / Emotion reco / Image reco / Eye tracking – Pepper recognizes the emotional state of a person it speaks to and will adjust the dialogue accordingly. It is programmed to distinguish between speaking to adults, children and elderly people, adapting the options it offers, speech volume and the speed according to the needs of the person. The robot can also identify objects and provide further information on the use of the object or the location.

Data analytics – Pepper is programmed to recognize the age and gender as well as the emotional state of the person it interacts with. It also tracks the data and counts interactions and selected options. This helps the robot owner to gain valuable marketing data and optimize solutions based on the results.

IT system integration – The Pepper robot can be integrated in holistic digital solutions. It can send and fetch data from ERP and CRM systems and therefore offer more valuable services. By being able to see the purchase history of a client and stock on hand inventory, the robot offers customized information and can recommend specific products and services.

IoT - PoS machine / Beacons / RFID / NFC / Wearable devices – Beacons and RFID enable Pepper to navigate through buildings with complex requirements and random obstacles as it occurs in hospitals and retirement homes. The robot can open automatic doors and navigate through the buildings autonomously.

Navigation – Pepper navigates through defined areas by following beacons or markers (depending on environment). It finds its way autonomously and stops to interact with people. It avoids obstacles and moves around them.

Proactive engagement – Pepper detects a human and actively moves to the person and starts an interaction. When the interaction ends or the person does not respond to the robot, it returns to its defined home base.

QR code / Barcode scanning – Pepper can identify users and products by scanning QR codes or barcodes. At events and meetings, attendants can present a QR code to Pepper and the robot will guide them to their seat or help them with customized information. By scanning a barcode on a product, the robot can also provide additional details like contained allergens and food additives.

Real-time data processing/Decision making (rule based, ML, DL or other) – Based on speech or tablet input as well as age recognition, gender and emotional state of a person, the robot adapts its phrasing and the content of the dialogue.

Robot animation editor – It is used to create custom animations (movement and sound) for Pepper which can be integrated in the interaction to highlight important parts of the content or for the sake of clarity. It is often used to customize games like "charade" where Pepper shows animations and asks users to guess what it is .


  • Private Dental Clinic

  • University Hospital

  • Interactive Museum for Children

  • Museum of Work Culture

  • Education Providers

  • Special Purpose Machinery Manufacturer

  • University


  • SleepandSmile

    Pepper x Sleep & Smile

    The Vienna dental institute Sleep & Smile specializes in the treatment of children and adults with special needs. The international and interdisciplinary team of 60 people headed by Dr.

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