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The main objective of Weegree One project is to enable wider use of humanoid robots in business. They have a dedicated team of programmers who have created and are continuously developing software for Pepper and NAO. Their goal is to create a tailor-made software for business as well as to provide some ready-made box solutions.
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Weegree provides both ready-to-use and customised solution. Their solutions can be deployed in following industries:


Ready-to-use solution: Hi! Weegree One

Hi! Weegree One - Hybrid Intelligence Reception Employee is a ready-made solution for a reception in your office, hotel, restaurant, bank and the like. Thanks to the open architecture and modern technologies applied in the solution, a humanoid robot can take care of your reception. Moreover, the technologies such as NLP, NLU, Neural networks, IOT, Face recognition, third-party systems integration (i.e. VOIP and popular communicators) were also applied in the solution.

Hi! Weegree One - Hybrid Intelligence Reception Employee

Technology & Expertise

CMS - Their CMS allows you to manage whole content served by the robot to your customers. Starting from managing the screen content, up to managing the response for speech synthesis and much more (external interaction via common and modern communication channels like VoIP calls or chats like Viber).

Chatbot - They have created their own chatbot based on intents analysis, however you can use any other chatbot engine with available API for integration (like Dialogflow, Wit.ai, Stanush).

NLU/Semantic Analysis - They are basing on NLP/NLU technologies to recognize intents from human speech and make possible proper interaction with robot.

IT system integration - Their platform makes API accessible for external IT systems integrations.

Cognitive computing - In order to ensure the cognitive recognition, they are using OpenCV with deep neural network for fast and satisfying results. In order to ensure the speech recognition, they have integrated most advanced engine available now from Google.

Proactive Engagement - They have combined cognitive computing and chatbot engine to deploy proactive engagement functionality to their product.

QR code/ Barcode scanning - Cognitive functions offered by OpenCV and DNN include QR and barcode scanning as well as object classification and recognition.

Click to mail/SMS - Their platform allows to incorporate modern communication channels like VoIP calls or chats/SMS gateways. For example the robot can call someone and ask for something, and then process response and give information to its interlocutor.

Real-time data processing/Decision making - Cognitive functions, including vision and audio functions, involve real-time data processing with elements of machine learning in order to optimize computing process and increase responsiveness.

IoT - The robot can use external devices as sensors or information source, as well as interact with them.


  • PGNiG
  • Hydropolis
  • Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing
  • Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

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