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Zora Bots is a Belgian company specialized in new robotics solutions and based in Belgium. The Zora application is a software that is able to give life to humanoid robots like Nao and Pepper and increase their efficiency. With over 1000 robots already being adopted all over the world, Zora has been unanimously acclaimed by professionals in health care and education. Its software has been recognized to be seamless and intuitive. The idea behind the solution is that people should not need any specific coding or programming skills to operate robots.



The "Zora" Solution allows people to control all the functions (gestures, movements, behaviours, data settings) of the robot (Nao or Pepper). With two hours of training, user with zero programming skills is competent for operating the robot and making the best use of its functions. Most of the compositions can be controlled by just dragging and dropping the boxes on a timeline.

Zorabots provides solutions can be deployed in following industrial sectors:



Technology & Expertise

Chatbot - The robot will provide prepared answers to a predefined range of questions posed by customers.

Cognitive computing - Face & voice recognitions are possible in many applications (greeting in retail...). 

Data analytics - All data generated in games, tests or exams are stored in the robot as a csv file - Users can download all the data that has been collected - Every behavior that runs in the system is recorded, enabling executives to follow the usage of the robot and propose improvements or adjustments.

IT system integration - For some clients, Zorabots develops solution to establish connections to several external databases/api (pharmacy, airport, hotel,...). 

Navigation - As Nao can just walk, no navigation function has been developed. For Pepper, Zorabots makes it walk within a limited radius around its charging station.

QR code/Barcode scanning - Nao and Pepper can recognize QRCode from their front face camera - All applications can be opened directly - You can start compositions this way - QR Codes facilitate gamification: can be used for quizzes and other games. 

Robot animation editor - Zorabots developped a "composer" for that. Users can combine all pre-programmed movements/gestures/animations to compose a dance or a sequence of movements. Settings of behaviours and gestures can be adjusted seamlessly.


  • Clients in healthcare sectors: Elderly care facilities throughout the world use Nao to engage patients in physical and mental exercises. This represents at least 16 interactions each day. 

  • Mediamarkt Belgium. A store chain that deploys  Pepper as a greeter for customers.  

  • BNP Paribas uses Pepper to welcome and assist their clients in bank agencies

  • Marriott . A hotel in Ghent uses Nao to welcome guests, to provide information about the restaurant and local attractions. The robot is also available for rent by  companies that need NAO to run a PPT presentation during a convention.

  • BMW. Nao has been purchased as a special product in the private club of iPure clients.  

  • Emirates, robots are used to assist travellers

  • Deloitte, robots are deployed for corporate uses

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