Pepper Exchange Offer

Exchange your current Pepper 1.8a for the latest version of Pepper 1.8 for only 9,900€* and take advantage of new features and improvements!

*Price excludes VAT and shipping fees. Offer expires on March, 19th.


Pepper exchange Offer SoftBank Robotics Europe

Some of the features and improvements of Pepper 1.8 includes:

  • Navigation capabilities: Pepper is capable of plotting and storing large amounts of mapping information and autonomous movement of up to 100m
  • Camera improvements (stereovision camera): better performance in high-light conditions and wider field of view that reduces head move for tracking or detection
  • People detection improvements: Pepper detects users before they reach the tablet for interaction; 360 degree detection; children can be seen from a 90cm height
  • Speech recognition improvements: -7% WER (Word Error Rate)

The offer expires on March, 19th. Hurry and get in touch with us to get the latest version of Pepper!

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