Pepper in Healthcare

Protect staff and patients and increase the quality of service in your care homes and hospitals with Pepper!

With years of experience in healthcare and a plethora of partners that can offer a variety of customized applications, SoftBank Robotics is able to deliver highly customized robotic solutions for healthcare! Pepper can be adapted to serve your needs:

Pepper Heathcare


  • Remotely monitor patients: With Pepper’s camera and personalized healthcare solutions, medical staff can monitor their patients, offer immediate feedback, set up appointments, and much more. Telepresence allows patients to maintain a social link by allowing patients’ families to video call through Pepper.
  • Check-in and entertain: Pepper can not only check-in/admit new patients into your healthcare center, but can also entertain family members and company in waiting areas. With many activities and a lot of information available to Pepper, there’s a lot for guests’ entertainment.
  • Reduce medical staff stress: Alongside with telepresence and teleoperation solutions, Pepper helps reduce stress from medical staff and their workload, allowing them to focus on more imperative tasks.
  • Safety first: Pepper can offer social distancing solutions, as well as the ability to educate and inform visitors about keeping health regulations in order to ensure the safety of everyone in your center.

With Pepper, you can make sure medical staff, patients, and their families feel safe, and have their needs catered to! Get in touch with us to get your very own Pepper!

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