Pepper World Tour @Munich

SAVE THE DATE // June 13th, 2019

This 4th edition will start
in the city of Munich, Germany.


Come and discover:

  • A broad range of Pepper solutions answering your business needs, developed by our European certified Partners for various sectors, such as retail, tourism, healthcare, finance, government or even properties.
  • An ecosystem of business experts and integrators leveraging our robots’ capabilities for the enterprise markets.


When? June 13th, 2019

Where? BMW Welt in Munich, Germany.

This event is only for professionals.

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Pepper World Tour is the annual event organized by SoftBank Robotics Europe and dedicated to the uses of Pepper in business.
Our 2019 edition will take place for the first time in different cities in Europe and the Middle East: Munich, Amsterdam, Dubai and Paris.




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