Aldebaran launches new products for NAO fans

Aldebaran launches two new types of collector items dedicated to NAO: notebooks and t-shirts. Like the NAO action figures, available since the end of 2014, these new products can be found on the new Aldebaran Store.
Just like superheroes and cartoons characters, NAO has gathered fans from all around the world. In less than 10 years, NAO has become one of the 21st century symbols. From education, research and programing to health, retail, television or tourism, there is not one field not positively impacted by NAO; his universe reaches every one of us. With over 7,000 NAO used in 70 countries, his growing worldwide presence highlights his goal to educate the general audience, and to soon make companion robots a reality.
Until NAO becomes available to the general public, the growing demand has pushed Aldebaran to create a series of items of NAO.
After the action figure which knows how to do (almost) everything, the notebooks and the t-shirts (available in three different styles) will delight kids as much as grown-ups.
Collector items, gifts or fashion accessories… Every NAO fan can choose which suits his or her personal tastes best.

The ideas notebook

Essential in order to write down all your bright ideas at any moment, the NAO notebook is the perfect companion to all your trips. From ideas of robots applications to stories to tell your robot later on, writing and drawing remains the simplest ways to write down everything that goes through your mind, until you can share what you imagined with NAO!
Easy to carry (22x13 cm), the notebook is made with an elegant, dark front cover in imitation leather, embossed with the image of a seated NAO. With 112 precut and numbered-backwards pages (made of Munken Print 90g/m2 high quality paper), you will always know how many pages are left before the end of your notebook! Design to ease your life, it has a horizontal elastic in order to hold your favorite pen, an unfixed interlayer with lines on one side, squares on the other side, and finally a front organizer on the inside back cover for you to preciously keep these little things that you cannot lose.
Price: 21 euros (including taxes)

Multiple styled T-shirts

With refined, funny and futuristic designs, three different styles of these 100% cotton t-shirts (weight: 150 g) have been created. Following the spirit of NAO’s universe, it will delight all the family with men’s (XS to 3XL size), women’s (S to XL) and child’s versions (unisex/6-8-12 years old). Our men’s and child t-shirts have a round collar and a straight cut, whereas our women’s t-shirts have a V-neck and a fitted cut.

Child: 15 euros (including tax)
Woman: 20 euros (including tax)
Man: 20 euros (including tax)

T-shirt Motto NAO

  • Size of the design: 24x19.4 cm
  • 5 colors screen printing

T-shirt Retrofutur NAO

  • Size of the design: 30x18cm
  • 5 colors screen printing

T-shirt Kawaii

  • Size of the design: 23x24.5 cm
  • 4 colors screen printing

NAO Action Figure

This articulated 'little NAO' is the perfect companion for every adventure you can imagine!
Size: 15 cm
Available in red and blue
Price: 39 euros (including tax)

About Aldebaran

Established in 2005, Aldebaran has 450 employees and is headquartered in France with offices in China, Japan and the United States. For almost 10 years, Aldebaran has been driving technology into a new world by designing humanoid robots and has become the worldwide leader in humanoid robotics. Our robots (NAO, Pepper, Romeo) are used in more than 70 countries in various fields, such as research, education, retail, care, tourism or entertainment. Aldebaran is a SoftBank Group company, holding 96% of its capital.
Aldebaran, names and logos NAO, Romeo, Pepper and NAOqi are registered trademarks of Aldebaran in France and other countries.

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