The secondary school competition NAO Challenge becomes European

After the NAO Challenge’s first year success in France, Aldebaran extends this year’s inter-school competition in four other countries with 5 NAO robots available to win. Registration is open online until October 31, 2014.

Aldebaran, the world leader in humanoid robotics, launched the NAO Challenge contest in France last year. The objective of this initiative is to promote learning programming using NAO, its humanoid robot, in an attempt to generate new programmers in a particularly dynamic sector. This unique competition in the world is open to all high school students, along with their teachers.

In 2013, 40 high schools took part in this challenge in France. This year Aldebaran opens the competition to other European countries: Germany, Denmark, Italy, and the UK, with the support of key academic players.

All students are encouraged to participe, whether or not they have a NAO to work with. It is possible to try out fellow school’s robots or directly on simulation software, for which Aldebaran decided to offer a license to each high school.

The teams, ranging between 2 and 5 students and under the supervision of a teacher, are invited to compete in 5 events where the participants apply the domestic uses of tomorrow:

    Imagine an interactive game where NAO plays with a human
  2. MOVIE TIME!    
    NAO asks questions about taste and suggests a movie to watch on TV
  3. LET’S PARTY!   
    NAO controls the light and changes its color to create a festive atmosphere
  4. SWEETS & TRICKS!      
    Two NAO want to take an object off a shelf and one climbs on a cart to reach it
  5. ME & YOU!       
    The students are rewarded for their team spirit, creativity, motivation, use of social networks, videos, etc.

The competition is the same in all 5 countries. Students practice throughout the school year and the finals take place in each country in May 2015, during which a local jury of professors and partners will decide the winner in each event. Many prizes are available to win, including a NAO for each winning team in every country.

This year Aldebaran has also chosen to encourage female participation in technical events by creating a sixth prize, the « Lady’s Award, » which will reward the best team composed solely of female students.

The NAO Challenge is designed in collaboration with teachers, to be the most suitable for science, technology and technical programs.

Through the NAO Challenge contest, Aldebaran aims to educate, motivate, and train students in the use of humanoid robotics programming as well as a fun way to discover a promising professional world.          

About Aldebaran
Established in 2005 by Bruno Maisonnier and with offices in France, China, Japan, and the United States, Aldebaran designs, manufactures and sells autonomous humanoid robots to contribute to human well-being. More than 6,000 NAOs, our first product, are used today as a research and education platform in 70 countries around the world. Aldebaran has 450 employees involved in robot development and manufacture. Aldebaran is a SoftBank Group company, holding 78.5% of its own capital.
Aldebaran, names and logos NAO, Pepper and NAOqi are registered trademarks of Aldebaran in France and other countries.

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