Produxi is the company of Bert Bierman situated in Zeist, in The Netherlands. Bert has much experience in programming user interfaces for experimental purposes. He was a member of the (EU) Alize project in which he created the experiment environment in which a NAO was used to teach diabetic children.

Currently he is partner in the (EU) PAL project which is about helping diabetic children in self-management of their disease. In the project he is responsible for the behaviors of the NAO (both real and in a virtual environment) and the combination of the modules of all partners into one integrated system.

All this experience is very useful for Bert as he has also become a Pepper Certified Partner.


Bert Bierman's retail project was the creation of an application for Entrance (Wuppertal, Germany). This application runs on a Pepper in a Smart car showroom and explains the customers about their new "smart ready to drop" product.

An app has been created in which a person is offered the available options and asked to choose one which then will be executed. Those options are read from a file in which the parameters (like which words to hear for selecting an option) are described.

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