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Pepper and NAO are not only robots, but also all in one development packages containing computer,  camera, sensors, motors, ... everything is integrated, making them easy to use and study.
These all in one platforms allow teachers, students and researchers to do a lot of different things. Either simple  things like interacting with people or more complicated ones like walking around and localizing in a room. 

Our robots include the benefits of platforms, software and hardware, making them complete and complex study subjects for students and reserchers to work on.

Pepper collects a lot of multimodal data that has to be integrated from all its sensors before it can actually interact with people. All this data will allow students and researchers to learn about AI and controlling actuators. 
Our robots allow engineers and researchers to have a different point of view about people and social situations, stimulating their creativity as they design interactions that they can experience in brand new ways. 

Pepper is not only a development platform, but it can also be a teacher assistant or project tool for other kinds of universities. Pepper is a key support of digital marketing projects, and can serve as a great brand ambassador.

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Choregraphe NAO Pepper


Choregraphe  NAO robot Pepper robot

With the NAOqi operating system and the Choregraphe programming environment (interfacing by scripts in python in all boxes), you can:
- Create animations, behaviors, dialogues and test them on the virtual or physical robot,
- Control your robot,
- Enrich the Choregraphe behaviors with your own Python code

Users are not limited just to basic programming. This also opens the possibility for more advanced coding with direct code access Pepper’s languages: Python , HTML and Javascript, C++ SDK is available for both Pepper and NAO

Android Studio


Android Studio  Pepper robot

Program on Pepper as you would program on any Mobile Device. Pepper is the most advanced android device ever!


cms pepper and nao robots


CMS  Pepper robot

If you are not a developer, you can also create content for Pepper as easily as creating a PowerPoint presentation using your partner’s Content Management System


SoftBank Robotics is a company that seeks to push the boundaries of innovation and robotics, and what better way than to partner up with the future minds of students and researchers in higher education institutions. We create events, webinars, participate in trade shows, in order to challenge the bright minds that pave the way to the future. To see our past and upcoming events, click below!

RoboCup: An independently organized football competition for robotics, RoboCup is a challenge mainly targeted at undergraduate and graduate students. It is a complex and challenging scenario for students in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and robotics research. The competition aims to push the boundaries of the participants’ knowledge and understanding, in a fun and interactive way. NAO has been the standard platform for 13 years in a row, with more than 200 NAO deployed at the competition.

RoboCup@Home: Robocup@Home is a competition organized by the Robocup@Home league which is part of the Robocup organization and also sponsored by SoftBank Robotics. The aim of this competition is for participants to develop robotic solutions for future domestic applications and real world scenarios using Pepper. The 5 teams with the highest rankings make it to the finals which are then judged on different parameters by roboticists and non-roboticists. 

NAO and Pepper event NAO and Pepper event NAO and Pepper event


Use cases & testimonies

Project H.E.A.R.T


Project H.E.A.R.T. (Humanoid Emotional Assistant Robots in Teaching) consisted of a project where the goal was to explore the topic of robots in everyday life, focused on qualitative methods in order to generate research questions and hypotheses. The idea is that these can also be investigated empirically on a larger population, which would lead to robotic applications developed in higher education classrooms. Applications that could be used in real-life situations.


Key Results: 

The large key result of Pepper being applied as a solution for learning in the higher education setting in this context was an intensive learning support in class, as well as high individualization for students.
To learn more of this project, please check out the link here:



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