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Robots for Primary and Secondary Education

NAO and Pepper are two humanoid robots that can move, listen and speak. Those features allow enhanced interaction with humans that can easily relate to the robot.
With his childish and humanoid appearance, NAO helps build curiosity and is a very good companion for children and a perfect assistant for teachers in primary and secondary schools.

In today's world, knowledge in IT is becoming more and more important. Numerous schools across the world have decided to start teaching programmation to their pupils, starting at a very young age.
NAO helps students in acquiring cross-disciplinary skills like teamwork, scientific reasoning and problem solving.

With NAO, teachers can rely on a teaching assistant that will not only keep children's attention but also challenge students and promote positive behavior. 

In addition, NAO is a sophisticated (but simple to use and program) teaching platform, that allows teachers to create customised teaching activities, either in small groups or in one-to-one. The humanoid form of NAO allows the students to identify themselves with it, giving the opportunity to everyone to get more involved. 

Because physical devices in teaching are fundamental, as students respond well to physically and visually experiencing what they are learning, NAO provides excellent and immediate feedback. Students are able to assimilate and learn when working with NAO as they can see their work come to fruition, which builds their confidence and their newly acquired skills.

Robots for Education Pepper and NAO for Education


NAO can assist teachers to meet pedagogical objectives like reading, writing, problem-solving and natural-born language. With a simple programming tool, students elevate their learning experience in multidisciplinary projects.

Choregraphe NAO Pepper


Choregraphe  NAO robot Pepper robot

With the NAOqi operating system and the Choregraphe programming environment (interfacing by scripts in python in all boxes), you can:
- Create animations, behaviors, dialogues and test them on the virtual or physical robot,
- Control your robot,
- Enrich the Choregraphe behaviors with your own Python code



Ask NAO Blockly  NAO robot

AskNAO is a solution designed by our partner ERM Robotique to help program NAO with the Blocky graphical programming language.
This solution, like "Open Roberta® Lab" - NEPO, can help children learn coding with NAO.

NEPO Open Roberta


NEPO®  NAO robot 

NEPO is a meta programming language, part of the open source programming platform "Open Roberta® Lab" that can be used by students and children from the age of 8 to easily and intuitively program NAO without any prior knowledge.

These alternatives to Scratch and Blockly provide different program blocks to give instructions to the robot's motors and sensors.

NAO introduces computer science concepts and initiates students to programming, progressive coding learning and the development of algorithmic thinking.

Thanks to the educational content, teachers can reach their course objectives such as :
- understanding of robot construction and programming
- learning skills in engineering sciences,
- learning transversal skills: teamwork, self-confidence, etc.


Because SoftBank Robotics believes highly in the power of robotics in education, we organize many events, do webinars, and also participate in many trade shows as speakers. We believe in these events as ways for students to realize their potential and challenge themselves in a fun and interactive way.

NAO Challenge: Organized by the Scuola di Robotica in Italy, the NAO Challenge is an educational contest designed for high school students in Europe. Since 2015, the contest in collaboration with Softbank Robotics has the aim to elevate students’ knowledge in the use of humanoid robots through competition. By challenging students to develop realistic solutions for realistic situations, it helps spread awareness of the social potential of service robotics.

NAO and Pepper event NAO and Pepper event NAO and Pepper event


Use cases & testimonies

NAO@School Project

Discover how the NAO@School project has highlighted the value and relevance of the use of humanoid robots in education.

The NAO@School project aims to introduce students to computer science to help them understand the digital world they live in.

The experiment took place in a French school during the 2018-2019 school year. The school has chosen to focus on writing, the main challenge being to motivate students in subjects that are not very popular.

Two teachers have built around NAO a genuine multidisciplinary project that integrates the whole French curriculum (oral expression, writing, literature, language study) and develops other skills like computer science or life together. In this writing project, the pupils had to write a multiple choice story that was later told by NAO.

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