Buying a robot

Are you interested in purchasing NAO and/or Pepper?

For Businesses
Offer your customers an innovative and engaging experience with interactive robots. 
NAO and Pepper will welcome your customers in a truly unique and breakthrough way, and they can also assist your staff by proactively orienting customers according to their interests. 

For Reasearch and Education
NAO and Pepper are already used in thousands of schools and research labs around the world.
The versatility of our robots enables your students to explore many aspects of coding/programming and human-machine interaction.
NAO and Pepper operate on open and robust platforms to that are adaptable to every educational level, all the way from primary instruction to advanced research.

For Businesses specialized in applications development
Are you interested in developing and deploying applications for our robots?
Join our partners’ network and help us shape the future of humanoid robotics.

For private individuals
At this time, Pepper is only available for purchase in Japan.
NAO is not available for purchase by private individuals.