The future at the service of your clients


Pepper and NAO are attractive humanoid robots designed to interact with visitors in any public place.

Linking physical and online channels, Pepper and NAO offer a new experience with real added value in a physical location.

  • Proactive:

Thanks to their numerous sensors, Pepper and NAO detect and see people in their environment. They call people's attention by voice and animated expression, invite people to interact with them, or pro-actively move towards to people to initiate conversations.

  • Attractive:

Their eye-catching appearance, moderate size and humanoid behaviour, make Pepper and NAO attract undivided attention straightforwardly. Being perceived by people as 'no danger', 'no judgement', they are easily accepted by everyone

  • Interactive:

Pepper and NAO communicate with people as naturally and intuitively as possible,  they understand and speak in numerous languages. Moreover, Pepper's touch screen increases his capacity to interact and enables him to enhance the communication by providing visual information.

  • Emotional engaging:

Apart from the empathetic link with audience created by their humanoid design, body language and tone of voice, Pepper and NAO engage people in a unique and emotional way which transform the user journey and leverage it to a new level.

  • Connected:

Pepper and NAO provide a seamless experience by offering a single but comprehensive view of each user. Via connecting to different cloud services, databases and objects, they enhance their intrinsic capabilities, such as cognitive computing, real-time communication and data collection, to provide more valuable services.

  • Customisable:

As entirely programmable platforms, Pepper and NAO offer infinite usage possibilities to enrich customers' experience. Furthermore, our ecosystem of Partners provides all the skills and know-how necessary to effectively meet your business goals.



Pepper and NAO are already deployed in more than 2 500 public places, assisting in simple missions in retail, finance, tourism or even healthcare. They help to welcome, give information and interact with customers/visitors/patients in shops, banks, hotels, museums, airports, train stations, hospitals, nursing homes, offices or institutions.


Stand-out to drive traffic
Pepper and NAO attractive design arouses curiosity and inspires confidence and benevolence. They detect and approach or attract attract or even approach visitors. Through voice and body language, they engage in dialogue easily. Animated relays of the communication campaigns: Pepper and NAO make it possible to link the online digital strategy to that in physical space. 


Welcome and Assist
Ensure a memorable first impression and increase loyalty
Pepper and NAO offer a professional and constant welcome. They manage queues and entertain visitors to reduce perceived waiting time. They guide and answer common questions. They can also identify a customer to provide suitable content. Pepper and NAO understand the reasons for the visitor's arrival and inform their fellow humans. They are able to speak and understand about twenty languages. Entrusting robots with repetitive tasks makes it possible to allocate resources to missions with higher added value.


Inform and Engage
Make your customers feel unique
Pepper and NAO are able to adapt to all customers. They can identify customers and recommend products and services tailored to their profile or purchase history. Connected, our robots have access to relevant information for visitors at all times.
Pepper and NAO relentlessly present your products and services, and adapt their speech to their interlocutor (age, gender...)


Redefine Services
A new customer experience with personalized services
Pepper and NAO offer a wide variety of services. Thanks to their sensors, cameras and microphones, our robots interpret their environment and understand the requests of their interlocutor. Connected to the Internet, to your CRM or ERP, Pepper and NAO extract information they need to provide a personalized service (Bookings, click & collect, registration...). Interfaceable with other devices (payment terminals, printers, screens, tablets), our robots fulfill several roles and adapt to your service strategy.


Sharpen Customer Insights
Gather meaningful customer knowledge with our robots
Pepper and NAO act as points of digital interaction between your company and the end user. They capture visitors' reactions and feed internal data teams (product perception, after-sales service, satisfaction questionnaire...). Once processed, the data helps build a more effective business strategy. Finally, Pepper and NAO complete the journey and deliver the adjusted messages to customers.