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NAO and Pepper are high performance robotic platforms designed for a wide range of multimodal expressive gestures and behaviors, making them ideal for educators and researchers. These two robots are evolving in the world of Education as new tools to assist teachers or as learning platforms for programming from primary school to higher education.
Attractive programmable humanoid robots, NAO and Pepper help you create unique, interactive classroom experiences.

In line with today’s educational content and challenges:

  • Ideal platforms to introduce STEM related subjects such as Maths, Physics, Computer Science and Programming

  • Cross-curricular applications that connect theory with practice

  • Fully adaptable to current school programs.

Powerful platforms to engage students and teachers:

  • Hands-on, project-based learning to encourage teamwork

  • Interactive lessons to drive greater participation

  • Comprehensive and versatile educational solutions.

Teaching solutions for tomorrow's careers, NAO and Pepper are adapted to each level of education.

  • For primary education: thanks to their cute design, NAO and Pepper are great assistants to capture attention and learn while having fun.

  • For primary, secondary and higher education: NAO and Pepper are great tools to learn programming and encourage a multidisciplinary approach to study projects. Numerous national and international high school robotics competitions have selected NAO and Pepper as standard platforms. These projects are based on programming but also the design of a robot, mechanics, automation...

  • For special education: ASK (Autism Solution for Kids) with NAO and Pepper evolves with different turnkey solutions for educators and therapists. Both robots are used in approach with young children with autism, as they have unlimited patience to help children communicate. Nice applications developed by our certified Partners combine an easy-to-use interface with activities programmed on the robot according to your specific needs.

For Educators

Studying robotics-related fields with NAO and Pepper has already proven its relevance to educators with clear benefits for students.
Using a robotic platform like NAO or Pepper:

  • Enhances creative problem-solving techniques

  • Promotes active learning

  • Encourages a multidisciplinary approach.

For Researchers

HRI, perception, cognition, navigation and localization are some of the fields that can be explored with NAO and Pepper.
NAO and Pepper have been selected to be the standard platforms for the RoboCup Soccer and RoboCup @Home ( Dozens of teams from all around the world use NAO's and Pepper's set of skills to compete at the RoboCup event.


Technical Features


NAO and Pepper run on NAOqi OS, a Unix based proprietary OS. The NAOqi Framework provides a programming base to develop applications on the robots. It corresponds to common robotics needs including: parallelism, resources, synchronization...
NAO and Pepper are fully open and programmable. Several SDKs are provided to control and develop with NAO and Pepper: A dedicated Simulator SDK package is also provided to simulate with any 3D simulator. It includes libraries, data, assets and examples. We offer API with:

  • Low level methods enabling sensor reading and precise piloting of any motor

  • High level methods giving access to a list of services like automatic detection of humans, obstacles avoidance or vocal synthesis.

C++, Python, Java, Libqi C++ & Python, ROS bridge, Android*

*only available for Pepper


Discover coding with Choregraphe, our intuitive and graphical programming software, using simple drag & drop and algorithmic reasoning.
Choregraphe allows to:

  • Develop and package complete applications

  • Create animations in interactive mode, without the need to pilot the robot's motors one by one

  • Design verbal interaction with QiChat, our human-robot dialogue design language

  • Train on a virtual robot

  • Enrich the proposed library with your own code.

Several tutorials are available on Choregraphe for a quick and effective understanding of the tool.

Simple standard languages

Some of our certified Partners also propose visual programming interfaces based on Blockly or Scratch to program NAO and Pepper easily.


Demonstrate and explain mechatronics by monitoring the robot’s activity thanks to our Monitor application.


SoftBank Robotics offers a range of trainings adapted to your needs and your skills to help you and guide you in creating your own experiences with NAO and Pepper.
Your projects can also be enriched with the help of our certified Partners (developers and distributors) specialized in the education sector.

SoftBank Robotics is driving technology forward by becoming a worldwide leader in robotics. SoftBank Robotics regroups more than 500 employees working in Paris, Tokyo, San Francisco, Boston and Shanghai. Our robots, NAO and Pepper, are used in more than 70 countries worldwide and offer innovative applications relevant for the fields of retail, healthcare, tourism or education.